Terry Crews reportedly owes $1 million to ex-social media manager

Terry Crews’ ex-social media manager who claims that the actor owes him $1 million dollars, which he was never paid for his work.


A former friend of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star Terry Crews called to the actor on Wednesday, claiming he was not paid for the work is the managing and promoting of Crews’ social media accounts.

Darwin Hall claims he is owed more than $1 million. He is also of the opinion that the Crew defamed him in a series of tweets from the past winter, and recruited his followers on a Crews subreddit to detect Hall and threaten him.

“Plaintiff Hall was terrified and feared for his safety and that of his family,” the lawsuit states.

Hall says he agreed to work for the Crew in 1999, when the actor was just getting started. Hall claims that he worked for many years for the promotion of the Crew’ Facebook page and personal website, and was paid a total of $28,479.06, of which around half of the fee for the costs. He claims that he is the payment due for the more than 6,000 hours of work for the Crew, at $55 per hour.

Hall also alleges that in 2013, he went to work for a LGBT client that had a dating app. He claims that when Crews found out about the job: “he flew into a rage” and demanded that Hal drop the client. He says that he had to leave the job, but accuses the Crews of reneging on an agreement to reimburse him for the lost income.

In a series of tweets last December, Crews wrote that he was the victim of a “revenge shakedown” of a former friend, who was squatting on his website.

“Man used to be a friend, so I paid him to help him out — until I discovered he was making of porn sites, so I let him go,” Crews wrote.

Crews did not identify him by name, but others had him on the track of the domain registration. Crews called him a “mirroring sociopath” — “someone who pretends to like things that you like to manipulate and control. I wanted to believe he was cool, so I ignored the signs.” Crew also said that he had boasted about trying to kill his college roommate by spiking his peanut butter with mercury.

“He would regularly confess wrongdoing under the guise of “honest,” Crews wrote. “But it was really a form of intimidation.”

In the suit, Hall claims that the series of posts were false and defamatory.

This story was previously published in the New York Post.

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