Tensions in Papua, after the ‘racist’ actions of the Indonesian police force

In a number of cities in the Indonesia-controlled part of the island of New Guinea, are as follows: Monday, thousands of Papuans on the streets to demonstrate against the Indonesian authorities. As the tensions rise after police on Saturday on the island of Java, 43 Papoease the students arrested during the celebration of Indonesian independence day.

The students are accused of a flag pole have reversed. The police began by tear gas and the students ‘monkeys’ have been mentioned. They are in the same day without any charges were released.

As a response, went out on Monday, thousands of Papuans take to the streets. They blocked more roads with burning tires and set buildings and vehicles on fire. Also, it is the regional parliament building in the capital city of Manokwari in the fire.

The Papuans demand apologies from the authorities, and protection for the Papoease students who live elsewhere in Indonesia, to study.

The Indonesian president is Either Widodo has on Monday called for peace and forgiveness. “It’s okay to be emotional, but it’s better to forgive,” he told reporters.

Separatists in Papua demands independence from Indonesia

The island of New Guinea is composed of two parts: the west, controlled by Indonesia, and the middle east, which achieved its independence in 1975 from Australia, the independent state of Papua New Guinea (png).

The Indonesian part of the island of New Guinea (png) consists of the provinces of Papua and West Papua. After the Indonesian Independence war (1945-1949), it was Indonesia’s independence from the Kingdom of the Netherlands. On the other hand, remained in the western part of New Guinea), and another fourteen years under the English government.

In 1963, the region was finally, after mediation by the united nations handed over to Indonesia. Six years later, and was followed by the formal annexation of new guinea, after a controversial referendum. Over the past few decades, there are regularly riots among separatists take place in some of the poorest regions of Indonesia.

Researchers from the American ivy league school, Yale university, found “strong evidence” for the ethnic cleansing and other crimes against humanity committed by the Indonesian authorities in West Papua. There is evidence of a pattern of violent repression, they wrote.

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