Tension rises in Gaza, Israel called missile attack self-defense

Israel considers the missile attack which on the night of Monday to Tuesday was carried out on Gaza as self-defense. That has prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu reported on Twitter.

Israel targeted fifteen targets in the Gaza strip. According to Netanyahu would be the go to targets of Hamas. The office of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh would be bombarded, although he was probably not present.

Hamas goes into Gaza as the official authority, after the movement, the power in the area in 2007, has taken over the Palestinian Authority (PA) of the rival movement Fatah.

The battle between the Israeli army and Hamas flared again after Monday, a rocket landed on a house near Tel Aviv. This is despite a ceasefire that the two parties following the mediation of Egypt would have closed.

Israel has the cease-fire, of course, never confirmed. That’s not unusual: that a country usually does not make statements about cease-fires. The local authorities report that five people were injured in the Palestinian coastal area.

We have responded very, very forcefully. Hamas needs to know that we’ll not hesitate to go in and take all necessary steps – regardless of anything, any date, other than Israel’s security needs.

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Israeli attacks in response to raketbeschieting

The Israeli attacks were designed to an earlier raketbeschieting to repay. There were seven people injured when the projectile hit near the city of Tel Aviv.

Also Monday night, there were more rockets fired at the Israeli city. It were not known to have any people injured.

Israel holds Hamas, the dominant organization in the Gaza strip, responsible for the shelling. Flaring up of the violence is probably together with the Israeli presidential election that is about three weeks.


Israel carries out airstrikes on Gaza strip

Netanyahu wants for fifth period to be re-elected

Netanyahu hopes for a fifth term to be re-elected. His main opponent, general Benny Gantz, blame the president for not working hard enough to act against Hamas.

Netanyahu visited the past weekend the American president Donald Trump. These signed a declaration in which he acknowledged that the golan heights to Israel to hear. This area was in 1967, captured from Syria in 1981, and officially annexed by Israel.

Internationally it is not recognised that the area of Israel would hear. Syria spoke of an “attack on the sovereignty of our country”.

Also the Dutch minister Stef Blok of Foreign Affairs condemned the action of Trump. “It helps not to take actions that the already fragile situation there in danger,” says Block.

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