Tens of thousands of protesters in Prague demand the departure of contentious prime minister

Sure, tens of thousands of Czechs on Sunday in Prague, again in the street, it was going to be the departure of the Czech prime minister Andrej Babis. He is accused of tampering with the netherlands, and the abuse of power.

According to the organizers of the demonstration, there were a quarter of a million people on the streets of the Czech capital, but this could not be confirmed by, for example, the police.

If the estimates of the organization are right, then it would be the largest demonstration in the Czech republic since the “Velvet Revolution” in 1989, which led to the overthrow of communism in the country.

In the past few weeks and have found several mass protests against the Babis took place. From all over the country, met on Sunday, again, tens of thousands of people gathered in the Letnapark-in Prague, Czech republic. The people at the demonstration, attended carried signs with texts such as: “quit”, “We’ve had enough” and “We will be the democracy is not define”.

Also, these people both Czech and EU flags. The protest was peaceful. As in previous demonstrations, there were also families with children present.

According to the organization, was a Sunday, a quarter of a million people attended the demonstration against prime minister Babis in the Letnapark-in Prague, Czech republic. (Photo: AFP)

Police are investigating Babis, due to fraud with EU funds

Babis, a billionaire who is self-re-invented as a politician of the Czech republic police is being investigated for allegations of fraud with EU funds. It also looks at the possible conflict of interest issues surrounding his position, and his zakenimperium.

In tussenrapport on the issue, which is at the end of may, the European Commission has released, it has been concluded that the Babis are found guilty of a conflict of interest, and possible EU support, will have to pay back.

The demonstrations were also directed against the Babis’ the minister of Justice, Marie-Benesová. They are voted in as a member of parliament at the request of the police and the political immunity of the prime-minister to each other. She was taken by the Babis as prime minister, appointed after the police told him that he needs to be punished.

Babis was to be controversial

The study of the EU’s support focuses on a farm that was owned by Agrofert. This is a consortium of about 250 companies, which is owned by Babis, but was transferred to the family members of the prime minister, so that there is EU funding for small and medium-sized farms were able to be there for them. Since then, Agrofert and the company.

The populist prime minister in his own country has been controversial, in part because he is a co-operation with the Communist y, the notion that it is accused of in the soviet time, they collaborated with the secret police.

The prime minister denies all the charges.


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