Tens of thousands of homes Houston walk damage by water

Tens of thousands of homes Houston walk damage by water

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Approximately 30,000 to 40,000 homes in the Houston area walk in more or to a lesser extent, damages caused by the floods. The tens of thousands of inhabitants with heavy eyes how to water their possession are affected.

The authorities in the area have that Wednesday is communicated. President Trump, who is currently in Texas staying dropped via Twitter to know that now he is the horror and devastation with his own eyes had seen, his heart more goes out to the inhabitants of the affected state. A day earlier, he already know that the federal government in Washington will step in to support the financial needs.

Harvey is meanwhile still going through with the supply of rain. The stormgebied slide slowly to the east, and has many people in Louisiana reached. A part of the tropical storm, whirled through the Gulf of Mexico, back towards land and reached Wednesday morning off the coast of Louisiana.

The residents of the coastal strip, with its many rivers and lakes, have days prepared for the arrival of heavy precipitation.


The most remarkable images of tropical storm Harvey

Satellite images

The European Union shoots for the United States to help with satellite images of the havoc that Harvey has done. The Us authorities have themselves asked for, according to the European Commission. Using data from the European Sentinel satellites is the damage in the affected area to be mapped.

The federal relief agency FEMA and the European coordination centre for disaster relief keep in constant contact about the situation, says the commission. “The EU knows how devastating natural disasters can be. The US can count on our support”, explains EU-buitenlandchef Federica Mogherini.

The satellite services are part of the Copernicusprogramma that with the launch of the first satellite (Sentinel-1) in 2014, a joint initiative of the European Commission and the European space agency ESA. It is the largest earth observation programme in the world.

Flooding in Houston after hurricane Harvey

Residents of Houston to leave running the city, looking for a safe shelter.

Residents of Houston to be with their baby of three weeks old, rescued from their house.

Monday is a total of twenty thousand people were rescued by the authorities.

About three thousand reservists have been called to the rescue to assist in the solving of emergencies and for the evacuation of people in the triangle of Houston, Victoria and Corpus Christi.
© Harvey, Houston

In parts of Houston is in 48 hours time 76 inches of rain fell, reports the National Weather Service. There is still certainly a same amount of rest.

So far, there are two fatalities reported.

The American president Donald Trump brings Tuesday a visit to Texas for the disastrous consequences of Harvey to behold.

So far, there are already only in and around Houston for more than a thousand people are saved. They had taken refuge on the roofs of cars and houses.

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