Tennis star’s brother-in-law, there may be a South Pole record

In this photo taken on Nov. 25, 2011, a plane flies over the Transantarctic Mountains.

(AP Photo/Kaspersky ONE Trans-antarctic Expedition/Kaspersky Lab)

While many people were unwrapping presents on christmas day, the brother-in-law of tennis star Andy Murray was packing a 700-mile, 38-day journey by brutally cold temps and blistering winds—and, he hopes, setting a world record.

Scott Sears, 27, reached the south pole on Monday, and he says that he is the youngest person ever to do so solo, although Guinness has not yet its final seal of approval, the BBC notes.

“MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE SOUTH POLE! Absolutely chuffed to pieces,” he wrote on his blog, where he documented his without help adventure, where temperatures of minus 58 degrees and wind gusts up to 150 mph.

Sears said that he was so tired when he finally rested after his trip that he fell asleep within about 2 minutes of my head hitting the mat.” Sears, whose sister, Kim, is married to the tennis star, describes a gruelling expedition with an icy, crevasse-marred area and an isolation is worse when the “iPod poltergeist” would strike, causing music player to stop working.

He says that he is “really against the wall” on the Eve of Christmas, where “everything was just to say: ‘no more, not one step.'” But he devoured some dried meat, juice, chocolate, and pushed through, even putting up his smelly socks as a “makeshift stockings” for Santa that night.

Sears’ message from Andy Murray’s mother arrived at his destination: “Well done to Scott Sears.” If Guinness confirms Sears’ feat, he’ll be three years younger than the previous record holder, according to the Telegraph.

(Prince Harry drank champagne out of a prosthetic leg when he arrived at the south pole.)

This article originally appeared on Newser: A Record-Setting Performance at the south pole?

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