Tennessee Governor announces ‘heartbeat’ to limit the bill, abortion

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Gov. Bill Lee proposed an “improved” heartbeat bill, to block the goals of the women is discovered from getting an abortion after a fetal heartbeat, which usually occurs around six weeks into a pregnancy, before many women know they are pregnant.

Surrounded by dozens of mostly male GOP state legislators Thursday, Lee said the law was to celebrate “a monumental step forward, valuing and defense of life.”

The bill, which is still a work in progress, probably will not be exceptions for rape and incest included, and require that the mother be shown an ultrasound of the fetus before they are able to obtain an abortion.


Lee also said doctors would not be able to perform an abortion, if you are aware of the fact that the action is “motivated by gender, race or disability diagnosis of the child.”

To have abortions a similar piece of legislation tightening the access of women was put forth last year in the state, but impressed by the dishes, and some lawmakers worry that Lee, the new proposal, the same fate could.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee, center, and fellow Republicans in the state General Assembly will hold a press conference at the Tennessee Capitol on Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020, in Nashville,Tenn., to the discussion about a new anti-abortion proposal. (AP Photo/Jonathan Mattise)

Republican speaker of the Senate Randy McNally remained optimistic that “the bill will survive,” and he pointed to several provisions in this version that would expand the time frame for abortions prohibited when the heart rate is a condition, which, as it stands, not going to happen.

“I think it will have, what the head of the provision is, that if the heart beat gets beat, then there would be a ban, after eight weeks and then 10 weeks and up,” McNally said.

Similar legislation adopted in other States, such as Mississippi and Georgia, but all were blocked by legal challenges, re-auflodernde debate over Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme court decision that legalized abortion across the nation.

Supporters of the bills want to bring these types of actions to an increasingly conservative U.S. Supreme Court in the hope, for the abolition of the law.

“You can’t Roe v. Wade overturn, without the challenge the constitutionality of it,” sen. Mike Bell, a Riceville Republican, told reporters. “We know that this is to be called into question. We know that to the limits. It has.”

The right to abortion-rights activists warned said the law as “blatantly unconstitutional” and “a power grab on our bodies,” Francey Hunt, executive director of Tennessee lawyers for planned Parenthood,.

Democratic legislators criticized Lee, who with state Sen. Jeff Yarbo Lee’s said, “first legislative priority for the year 2020, the inclusion in discord extreme policy.”


The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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