Tennessee Democratic party Chairman apologizes for calling state is ‘racist’

Mary Mancini, the Chairman of the Tennessee Democratic party, apologized this week after the call the state “racist.”
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The Chairman of the Tennessee Democratic party, apologized this week for calling the government racist during a discussion of local policy and in the promotion of less conventional candidates.

Maria Mancini made the remark while speaking with the Coffee County democratic party, which earlier this month about how the party should put forward a less conventional candidates, including black and Latinos, millennials and members of the LGBTQ community.

“We have a bit of a problem in this state, and I’m just going to say, that it is said outright that” Mancini. “This is a racist state.”

“We have a bit of a problem in this state, and I’m just going to say that it downright. This is a racist state.”

— Mary Mancini chair, Tennessee Democratic party

In a county party meeting, Mancini was to be heard on an audio recording calling Tennessee “, a very racist state.”

Mancini issued her apology in a statement to the Tennessean newspaper of Nashville.

“In the heat and the frustration of seeing and hearing the constant drum roll of bigotry, misogyny and homophobia comes from the Republicans in the state legislature, I have a poor choice of words, and vented my frustration and I apologise,” Mancini said.

Tennessee Republican party Chairman Scott Golden said it was disappointing that Mancini is the name of the state is racist, the paper reported. He said the Republicans work to lift “all Tennesseans”, – quotes the state of the economy and the efforts to increase the level of education.

Mancini said the GOP was the cause of a division to be “deep, the inhabitants rooted” in around the state. During your meeting with the coffee County Democrats, she suggested that Andrea Bond-Johnson, an African-American candidate for a seat in Parliament, could not win, because the area has a small minority of the population.

“Two out of three counties in this area are extremely racist,” Mancini told the group.


“I wasn’t the only one who was told that we have to run, is someone who can’t win no African-Americans in this district, because (some believe) an African-American in this district to go because white people choose not to, for an African-American,” Mancini said in an interview with the newspaper.

Their comments follow the state Rep. is London Lamar, a Democrat, apologized last year for calling Tennessee a racist and the Republican voters uneducated.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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