Ten things that we Italians can learn

Coffee drinking, dining together, shopping at the local market: Italians know all sorts of customs that our daily life is much more enjoyable as a result.

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Coffee drinking, dining together, shopping at the local market: Italians know all sorts of customs that our daily life is much more enjoyable as a result. The Local lists ten.

1. More often go shopping at the market

Almost all Italian towns have at least one time per week there is a market, cities often even every day. Why would you do such as the Italians, your messages need to do? Not only can you buy virtually anything, but shopping in the open air is much nicer than in a supermarket with unnatural light. You make it easier to have a chat and you can try to negotiate the price.

2. More fresh vegetables and fruits to eat

In Italy, the entire year by season, vegetables and fruit to buy. Dishes with fresh vegetables and fruit are more the norm than the exception in Italy. An example to follow.

3. A chat with the shopkeeper

In Italy it is quite normal to have your shopping in different stores instead of everything in one supermarket. It takes indeed more time, but it is also a great way to stay informed of local news and the latest gossip. You are your wallet you forget or you are looking for something special, then there with the local bakery or butcher where you every week is bound to be something to regulate.

4. Dining together

Also in other countries dine people together, but in Italy it happens almost daily and spontaneously. Formal invitations will not come to pass.

5. Less alcohol drinking

Italy produces much good wine, but Italians drink less alcohol than most other Europeans. For drink less during a night out on the town is a lot to say: the evening takes longer, it costs less, you’re not sick of it and the day after, do you know yet what you the night before you have done.

6. Gesticuleer more

Italians use around 250 different gestures. Where that habit comes from is not entirely clear, but brings a lot of life in the brewery. Talks, a suit is more vivid and all, more theatrical.

7. Be more affectionate

Italians touch each other much easier and much more common than we are accustomed to. Kiss each other in greeting, their arms linked walking, in each other’s hair touch… is all very normal in Italy. A habit to take it over because according to science, people are happier with physical contact, because then the hormone oxytine is released and that gives you a sense of happiness.

8. Be proud of where you come from

Italians from small villages, proudly tell about their hometown, the local where you the best food of the entire world is presented, and the fantastic places where everyone from the village goes. It gives a nice feeling so positive about the place where you childhood.

9. Several places to visit when going out

When Italians go out, they walk not to one fixed local pub where they have the rest of the evening remain. They visit multiple pubs or other entertainment venues during a night out on the town. You will get a lot more different people and if you are with a group going to be the favorite bars of everyone to bid.

10. Do not Drink coffee on his Italian

Coffee drinking in Italy is a true art and a lot of Italians go every morning to their favorite bar, where a barista to the perfect espresso, cappuccino or macchiato for them. Other than here, it takes about koffiebezoekje not long, and drink, Italians have their coffee standing at the bar counter. Cappuccino drink Italians, incidentally, only at breakfast and never after dinner. (MS)

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