‘Tempting clowns are of concern in Kentucky

‘Tempting clowns are of concern in Kentucky

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

In Kentucky, it is Friday again, a person arrested who dressed up as a clown and lurking in the bushes.

The police in the U.s. state the latest time with a wave of notifications about clowns children into the forest and try to lure, reports the BBC.

Friday was a 20-year-old man arrested for disorderly behaviour and the wearing of a mask in the public space. The man was head to toe dressed in a clownskostuum and crawled between the trees near an apartment complex.

The recent reports of clowns, in often ‘terrifying’ costumes, have multiple places for turmoil in the United States. In at least six states have been similar reports done. So were the last weeks in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky clowns spotted.

The police of Barbourville (Kentucky) warns people on Facebook to not in a clownspak on the road. Those who do can expect that he will be arrested. “Publicly as a clown dressed up to go can lead to dangerous situations, for you and for others,” the police in a statement.

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