Temptation Island couple Roger and Laura for the second time from each other

Roger and Laura, who participated in the most recent season of Temptation Island, for the second time from each other gone. Before they let know their relationship after a previous break, a second chance.

“We are now already a while back friends,” shares Laura Friday on Instagram. “Furthermore, I’m not say anything, because Roger and I both have no need for that with someone to share.”

She stresses that they are not of each other are gone because of “a quarrel or deceit”. “At this time, our friendship is stronger than our relationship and that is mainly the reason why we are now friends.”

If the Temptation Island-set yet again decide their relationship a chance, and they are not planning this again with the public to share. “It should not be a to-and-from-game where you no longer take it seriously.”

Couple wanted more of a single life taste

Earlier, Roger is known that the set a point behind their relationship had taken. More than a month before the end of the season of Temptation Island, he told us in Temptation Talk that the two had decided only to go.

Then it was announced that Roger and Laura re-join wanted to try. On Instagram explained Laura two weeks ago that she is three months only have spent to get a new life as a bachelor, to taste.

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