TELEVISION SERIES on the interview with the Syriëganger: “It fits in with the times’

TV-SERIES last Thursday, in a response published on the occasion of the controversy which has arisen around of the broadcast of the People with a m on Wednesday night. Tv presenter Daisy van der Linden is interviewed in it the convict Syriëganger, Laura H., is described as “kalifaatmeisje’.

“Let me start off by saying that, in this series of portraits without any people in advance, with a biased approach,” says a spokesperson Maike Gehlen across a variety of media. “We can see that the broadcast(and a lot of people do it. There have been adverse reactions, but also a lot of positive feedback.”

On Twitter, you can read about how several Members of parliament are negative give their opinion on the show. “The need for a next christmas, a victim of the caliphate from the” notes by Pieter Omtzigt (christian democrat party). The Office’s director Yoeri Albrecht is wondering, where is the moral antenna of the TELEVISION SERIES, it is. “A large number of steps deeper and deeper sank the Twan Huys interview with the Holleeder,” he writes.

Gehlen and defend the choice of the TELEVISION SERIES. “Laura and her punishment is served, and tries to get her life back on track, to get it. It is a remarkable story. This story needs to be told, makes it very forgiving, and it is also in this time of need.”

“Laura is doing her remarkable personal story, which is by no means their power to deny it”, said the spokesman. “They have made mistakes, for this purpose, a sentence served and therefore, her debt is paid. It is to re-integrate into society. We’ll show you.”

Well, I’ve seen it all. Yes, you might have Vd Linden a little more into the atrocity of it, but beyond that, Laura H was a hundred times more interesting than He is.

AvatarAuteurMartinKoolhovenMoment of plaatsen14:02 pm – december 26, 2019

‘Far and away the best episode of the programme

The response to the transmission from People living with M., have been mostly negative, although there is nuance to be found. “By far, the best episode is the one that First Christmas day’, wrote NRC handelsblad on Thursday. Filmmaker Martin Koolhoven is planning to let all know that a Van der and more on the go at the atrocity of it, but that H. is a lot more interesting than He is But the second, who, on Wednesday night.

“What’s that to do with the victims?”, writing to the director. “I don’t know, but I would be interested in this story and her point of view.”

Really, as a human-interest interview with a woman? On christmas day? A family tree in there? Also might be something to all of the Jezidi and the Syrians, who under the most brutal of terror, have sighs. But, we are outside.

AvatarAuteurYoeriAlbrechtMoment of plaatsen23:59 am – december 25, 2019

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