Television programs send young people to the polls

Television programs send young people to the polls

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Various television programs try over the coming weeks, young voters are better to involve in the elections in march.

Monday afternoon started the new concept of The Class, Choose of Edition EN on Facebook. This is a classroom, VOCATIONAL students of the ROC Mondriaan in The Hague to see, that for six weeks the lijsttrekkers of the major parties receive.

The students may ask questions and vote on various positions. Meanwhile, facebook users home also respond.

Labour party leader Lodewijk Asscher kicked this Monday off and tried to give the students a realistic message to give: “No one is going to all happen, I am going to not promise. There is no one party that’s going to be all the voices. What is important is that I really try my best going to do and for the principles stand.”

The coming weeks are going to also Mark Rutte and Jesse Klaver with the class along. Every Monday night, sends RTL4 an update to 18.15 hours, with the most notable excerpts from the Facebook-stream.

From the cellars of the Courtyard

The Class Select is not the only program for young people that is broadcast around the elections. So let Ziggo and Omroep West, thirty young people from the Dutch Filmmakers Academy or recent graduates of a journalism training yourself to create a program from the basement of the Courtyard.

In The Second Basement like the makers thirty days of The Hague and young people commit to each other, by asking questions like: “Which party leader has trouble with The ‘Second Basement’? Which politician will play regular FIFA with the younger audience? And what do young people as they ‘Premier for a Day’?”

The programme starts on 1 February and is to be seen on channel 13 of Ziggo. Also, Omroep West, pays attention to the initiative.

Along the schools

Also on Twitter sounds that young people have too little busy with the elections. Twitter users Tim Hofman, Rutger de Quay, Gosse Bouma and Lennart van Nieuwenhuijzen therefore developed the new platform to The Polls in 2017.

Soon there offline consultation takes place between the four, and the initiative expanded. Thus, BNN would like to host Tim Hofman, for example, like with a bus along mbo’s, hbo’s and universities attract to election programmes. This, he hopes the 800,000 young in march for the first time allowed to vote to reach.

Different politicians and celebrities to support this action already. D66-leader Alexander Pechtold even offers are campagnebus of to effectuate the plan.

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