Tekentest can be Parkinson’s disease early detection

Tekentest can be Parkinson’s disease early detection

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New software that the speed and pressure of a person measure, has the ability to analyze whether or not the user in question have Parkinson’s disease.

That writes the BBC Wednesday, following a publication in Frontiers in Neurology.

In the study, had 27 Parkinson’s disease patients, and 28 individuals who have the disease do not have it, make use of the developed software. She had on a tablet, a spiral drawing.

Then was the speed and the pressure of the drawing is measured. The software managed to recognise which of the onderzoekdeelnemers consisted of parkinson’s patients. The data could also be used to indicate how severe the symptoms are.

According to the researchers, the tekentest by (house)doctors are used to patients of high age or older to check for the first signs of Parkinson’s. Also can the tool be deployed when it should not be viewed or medication for the disease root.


Parkinson’s disease is a chronic disease, the cause of which is unclear. The disease affects brain cells that movements of the body coordinate. Trembling, poor coordination, and stiffness in the limbs are well-known symptoms of the disease.

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