Teeth whitening. Yes or No?

If you find someone trying hard to resist smiling widely or keeping a hand on the face while laughing, you can be sure that the person is trying to hide his or her yellow teeth. It can be a huge embarrassment for people if their yellow teeth are seen by all.

Whatever may be the reason for it; people having yellow teeth try many tactics to hide their ugly teeth from being noticed by others. The best choice for these people can be teeth whitening. Many people are not sure about the effectiveness of teeth whitening and are concerned about its harmful effects. People looking at this option for taking care of their yellow teeth can get answers to their queries in this article.

There are many brands of teeth whitening toothpastes available in the market. However, how much these toothpastes can help in whitening the teeth is questionable. These toothpastes can definitely help in removing superficial stains on the teeth. People using these toothpastes can see a difference of 1-2 shades in the color of teeth. But, it will not be right to expect more from these toothpastes. 

They cannot help in removing stains that are below the surface of tooth and have caused the change in color of actual tooth itself. So, these toothpastes can only help in giving whiter teeth to some extent and the effect of it may be reversed if proper care of teeth is not taken in the future. Excessive drinking of tea or coffee, smoking and improper brushing of teeth are the reasons that make the teeth go back by one or more shades in terms of whiteness.

People who wish to see faster and better results should resort to other teeth whitening treatments. These methods involve the removal of superficial layers of teeth that are stained. However, these methods also remove the enamel from the surface of teeth. It is known that the enamel is responsible for protecting the teeth from cavities, bacteria and also stains. So, using these procedures can result in reduced protection of teeth and this can create prefect conditions for more tooth stains to occur in the future.

Nevertheless, if this technique is performed in a correct way by removing minimum of enamel from the teeth, it can help in removing the stains without damaging the protective layer of teeth. In olden days, teeth whitening procedures involved the use of harsh abrasive agents like polishing toothpastes that helped in scraping away the stains along with enamel and raw dentin indiscriminately.

These techniques are no longer used today, as they can cause demineralization of tooth and do more damage to tooth than doing any good. The newer teeth whitening techniques work gently and slowly by not removing much of enamel that helps in preventing the teeth bleaching gel of peroxide from reaching the stains trapped within the dentin. However, these techniques take more time to show results. People who are undergoing teeth whitening treatments should use toothpastes containing fluoride as fluoride helps in replenishing the enamel of teeth.

Apart from this, there are several teeth whitening gels available in the market. Regular use of these products can give much whiter teeth at lesser costs. It is very essential that these tooth whitening gels are used exactly in the same way as recommended. Many cases are reported where people make excessive use of these products out of over-enthusiasm and lack of patience to get white teeth.

If these products are applied in more quantities, this can cause erosion of the enamel of teeth. This can lead to the formation of cavities in tooth and make them more sensitive to extremes of temperature. Once applied, the teeth whitening gels should be left on the tooth for the recommended duration only.

If it is left for longer duration, it can lead to loss of enamel that results in loss of protection of teeth. These teeth become more prone to stains and cavities later. The cavities formed in such teeth tend to penetrate faster and deeper and are in high probability of reaching the roots of the teeth. This may need tooth removal or root canal procedure in the future.

Hence, it can be concluded that teeth whitening is a very effective procedure that gives whiter teeth to the people. However, it is important to mention that these techniques should be used in a proper manner to avoid the harmful effects of it. Proper use of these techniques can be highly advantageous for teeth whitening.

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