Teenagers healthier do eat? Talk to their rebellious side to

Previously painted teenagers their hair red, they wore leather car coats, and they listened to extreme rock music. Today rebel them to eat healthy. And so has each generation has its thing, apparently.

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You want your teen to healthier do eat? Most of him or her then especially not with the langetermijnsvoordelen thereof. Better, according to a recent research in order to give them the feeling that they are healthy to eat contrary to the standard and that they fight against injustice. #GoodParenting!

Less sugar

For the study were 536 children aged 13 to 15 years of age divided into three groups. The first group received information about the benefits of healthy food. The second group was told that the marketing behind junk food regularly correct information, obscures, and that it made you more of to make eat, the third group received no information.

What was the result? Only 43 % of the participants that the negative information about the fastfoodsecor had received, chose to be an unhealthy snack such as chips or chocolate. In the other two groups was that 54 % is a lot higher. They had soft drinks more to the left, and their general suikerinname decreased 9 %.


“If the normal way of healthy eating as ‘stupid’ is viewed, wants to be a teenager, not that kind of person who eat healthily,” says co-author David Yeager. “But if we eat healthy are portrayed as rebellious, and as it seems as if they were their own choice and they are against injustice to fight, it would be someone who healthy eating among teenagers could be seen as someone with a high status.”

Sex, an apple and rock n’ roll! (EK)

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