Teen accused of killing, eating man’s face showed the strange behavior, the journal entries for deaths

Austin Harrouff is shown leaving a restaurant in Florida in August 2016.


The 19-year-old student accused of killing a couple and the food of the dead man’s face, wrote in his diary about “the fear that I feel inside’ and beat in a YouTube video about having a “psycho side” shortly before the officials say he was involved in the shocking rampage.

Austin Harrouff showed only a trace amount of marijuana in his system – no observable hallucinogens – when he was allegedly beaten and stabbed, John Stevens, 59, and his 53-year-old woman, Michelle Mischon, outside their Tequesta-area home on Aug. 15 according to an FBI toxicology report released Wednesday. He pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and other charges.

But other evidence points to a possible mental illness, which Harouff’s attorney, Nellie King, said that her client suffers from.


Harouff, with the name AustiFrosti, uploaded a video shortly before the murder on his YouTube account, where he rapped that he “got a psycho side and a normal side. I’ve lost my mind, help me to find,” The Palm Beach Post reported.

The 19th Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office also released hundreds of documents in the case on Wednesday, including a wealth of Harouff writing.

“You know how it feels to be afraid to speak up? Always a bully ’cause of all the bullies bullied me,” Harrouff wrote in an undated document that is displayed by The Palm Beach Post. “[Expletive] man, I just wanted to be accepted. The fear I feel from inside, it feels like I’m internally bleeding.”

Harrouff also exhibited strange behavior in the days and hours for the gruesome killings.

His mother told the police Harouff claimed to have great powers and was sent to help people. He is, reportedly, he had his bed moved to the garage because he thought that there were demons in the house. Harouff’s sister, Haley, played for the detectives to a soundtrack of Harrouff saying: “All that pain and sadness, because I solve all the problems that people have,” and “I’ve almost immortal, I have to die one day.” Haley Harrouff told detectives that she had found her brother wandering the house one night to say that he had the power to open locked doors. A friend, Samuel Polacek, said Harrouff show up at his door, asked him his date of birth and then to the left. He returned and they went to the beach. Polacek said during the drive, Harrouff claimed to be half animal, half human.

Harrouff’s father, Wade Harrouff, told the researchers that they had gone for a walk on the afternoon of the murder and came across two turtles. He said that his son pulled a knife and said that something was going to happen. He said that he is convinced that his son put away the knife, which was later found near the victims. He said that his son, then sprinted off, but when he came back he said that he was hungry so they drove to a nearby sports bar.

Wade Harrouff said that after they were seated, his son complained that the food was too long and left. Harrouff apparently walked to the home of his mother near, where she said that she found him about to drink, cooking oil. She said that she told him to stop. They said that they soon found him eating a bowl of oil mixed with cheese. After Wade Harrouff called her, she took her son back to the restaurant.

His father says his son back to the table, he grabbed his son by the shirt and told him to stop acting strangely. He said that his son held his fist, but not to the corridor. Instead, he left.

Surveillance video from the restaurant shows him calmly walking about 45 minutes before the pitch. He apparently walked the 4 miles to the victims home, which was near the house of his father. It is unknown how the encounter started, but Stevens and Mishcon were known to sit in their garage with the door open, watch television and chat with passers-by.

Deputies said when they arrived at the couple’s home, they found the muscular former high school football player and a wrestler in his underwear, making animal noises and biting Stevens’ face as he pinned the man’s body on the driveway.

According to the court documents, one deputy ordered Harrouff from Stevens on shot, while the other used an electric stun gun on him, but he couldn’t let go. Snyder has said that the deputies don’t shoot Harrouff because they feared the hit from Stevens.

Finally, a deputy with a dog, and the snacks enabled delegates to subdue Harrouff. Mishcon’s body was found in the garage.

Harrouff, who had no arrest previous record, told the delegates, “Help me, if I ate something bad” and admitted it was “the man” as he spat a piece of meat, court documents show. He begged deputies to kill him after they pulled him out of Stevens, according to the records.

“Shoot me now, I deserve to die,” Harrouff said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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