Ted Cruz lashes out at three-piece on the edge of the Trump Senate impeachment proceedings

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The former National security adviser John Bolton’s forthcoming book claims it is alleged that President Trump tied the Ukraine to an investigation of the three-piece, the reaction and the analysis from the ‘Special Report’ All-Stars.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said on Monday that “additional witnesses are Biden needed” for the current impeachment proceedings — in light of the revelations of President Trump, the former national security adviser John Bolton in a leaked manuscript of a forthcoming book that claims to Trump Biden explicitly linked handle-to-military assistance for Ukraine on a study of Joe and Hunter, — and, instead, insisted that the Senate call Hunter to testify.

Cruz pivoted from the question of the appointment of Bolton as a witness, despite Democratic lawmakers insist that his testimony is the key, because of his knowledge first-Hand, the 25. July call, where the Democrats claim that Trump is trying to use the military assistance for the Ukraine, for an investigation on the three-piece.

DERSHOWITZ CALLED the HOUSE DEMS TRUMP the SENATE impeachment proceedings TO BOLTON shock waves

“Don’t you look in my ads, other witnesses are said to be necessary,” Cruz. “The house managers have presented their case. They don’t come even remotely close to meeting their burden of proof. Now, that being said, if the Senate decides to go this week, if we choose to, that the road to the other witnesses, I think, at least, the most important testimony for the Senate to listen to, is now Biden Hunter.”


Trump and his Republican defenders have been playing, to possible damage to, the denied from Joe Biden, a Prosecutor is of the essence to the fire in a Ukrainian energy company, where his son, Hunter, was on the Board allegations that the former Vice-President.


“In the entire proceedings, we have heard only the beginning of the serious evidence of corruption in the Burisma, the Ukrainian natural gas company, which paid for liable, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’ s son, a million dollars per year,” Cruz said.

The Republican lawmakers accused Joe Biden of “brag” that he was cut off billions of dollars in foreign aid for Ukraine, because, the Prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, was fired.

Biden and former Obama administration officials defended claimed to have Shokin, the removal from office, he was a corrupt Prosecutor who needs to be relax.

Cruz added that he believes “the President was fully justified to ask for an investigation into Ukraine and potentially Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.”

As a trump for the defence unfolded during the process, it seemed like the President the way for an acquittal by the GOP-led Senate, which makes two charges against him-abuse and obstruction of Congress.

But since the Bolton bomb late Sunday dropped, followed by a second leak, the New York Times reported late on Monday night, alleged Bolton, attorney General William Barr said last year, he was concerned that Trump was the granting of personal favors Turkey and China, the debate over whether to call the White house-has to attest to officials, has been rekindled.


“I understand that the press burst like obsessing over the latest bomb,” Cruz said, aside brushing the leaked Bolton information. “Listen, I know what John Bolton tells or says. I’ve seen the New York Times reporting, but at the end of the day, it does not affect the legal question before this Senate. To examine the legal question before this Senate is, whether a President has the authority to, corruption. The house managers built their entire case on the statement that the investigation of Burisma corruption, the investigation of the three-piece for corruption, baseless and a sham. The proposal is absurd.”

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