Techno from Iceland and a warthog from New Jersey: we want this to be seen on Pukkelpop

Technotechneut, hardcorehardliner or folkfreak? Something for everyone at Pukkelpop, the last big festival of the summer. Knack Focus touched in the line-up and found ten tasty pieces in the Limburg hodge-podge.

Ray BLK © Ray BLK

Anna of the North (Friday, 18 August, Lift)

2017 is the year in which Pop, with the P of Princess, again unapologetically takes his place within the socially acceptable view genres. Lorde, Kesha , and Katy Perry all took a new incarnation and form, together with Charli XCX, Tove Lo and Halsey – the latter two also play on Pukkelpop a nice wreath alternative Disneyprinsessen.

Why the Norwegian Anna of the North? Because its elektropop so icy and yet so enchanting is that our body no longer knows what to do. Because they only have the studio resurfaced with schandaalhiphopper Tyler, the Creator. And because we treat you to a elandfilet if you have the hook in the chorus of new single Money, the first two weeks out of your head.

At The Drive-In (Saturday, August 19, Marquee)

It has three days and nights lasted, but even your torn eardrums cry out: ‘Another!’ More gitaargeweld. Time for a dose of posthardcorenostalgie with the (second) reunion of At the Drive-In from El Paso, Texas. You know, that guests of The Mars Volta and Sparta. Find a sturdy set of upper arms and float.

Bjarki (Friday, 18 August, Castello)

With Amelie Lens, Claptone, Fritz Kalkbrenner and a retroset of his brother Paul have the technoliefhebbers enough mijnschachtdiepe beats for three days in a carefree manner to boileren. And then there’s Bjarki, but to this Farmer, you can as a pure technofan heavy mispakken. He was familiar with the bomb I Wanna Go Bang, but flirt since gulhartig with breakcore, ambient and rave. Only one thing is certain: dance will you.

First Aid Kit (Saturday, August 19, Club)

It has three days and three nights Pukkelpop lasted – even the blisters on your feet have blisters and now is enough. Enough guitar – and technogeweld – see also: At The Drive-In. Time for heavenly harmonies of female, Swedish-made. Time for the first care of the sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg. Looking for a friendly lap and drive.

Ho9909 (Saturday, August 19, Lift)

As this edition there one group, the authentic Pukkelpopgeest embodies, it’s Ho99o9 (pronounced: horror), a duo from New Jersey that raget against the machine with a cross of experimental hip-hop and hardcorepunk. Even salonfähig as a warthog with herpes and a tattoo of Karl Marx on his ass that a molotov cocktail soldier. Dirty. Dangerous. Jolly good fun.

Nordmann (Friday, 18 August, Lift)

Nordmann will be forever known as “that jazz band that is second in Humo’s Rock Rally’. The Inhabitants unite, however, to the best of the two worlds: all of the matrix they are searching for a parenthesis or a clue to there explosive out to hang. Prepared you already for fresh compositions, because next month is the new Nordmannplaat a fact.


When rapper Ray BLK the beginning of this year was voted the BBC’s Sound of 2017, she had barely 3.000 Facebookvolgers. Today, the counter ‘but,’ 26.000, but if they Tinie Tempah and Gorillaz all join in the studio. Pukkelpop is probably the last chance for hair – you may also Rita Ekwere say – to see the work in its current under-the-radarstatus for they final the ports openbeukt where still the fists of Solange.


The àllereerste act of Pukkelpop 2017 should immediately in our list. TheColorGrey, Will Michiels for the Antwerp civil registry, the woensdagfeestje open with hiphop full penalty melodies, based on the same reading as the music of D’angelo. Silence speaks, according to his most famous song, but the music of TheColorGrey do that as much.

Ty Segall (Thursday, 17 August, Club)

Limburg Mauro, San Francisco has Ty Segall. At the age of nine and self-titled album dropped the guitar virtuoso for the first time, accompanied by his mind’s live band, with a tight, accessible sound. Do not fear, released on the stage shows The Freedom Band is still as rancid and ruthlessly as in the early days.

Vince Staples (Thursday, 17 August, Dance Hall)

With many, they are not present at this Pukkelpop, the young black guard. Ray BLK dots we would like to (see above), Solange , of course, also. In addition, on our to see list: hipsterfavoriete ABRA and especially Vince Staples – or, as we called him in the review of the fine, now all of the options on many shall present taking Big Fish Theory defined: “The driest rapper of the moment, and also one of the best.’

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