Techfabrikant Toshiba is chipdivisie fork

Techfabrikant Toshiba is chipdivisie fork

Photo: AFP

The Japanese computermaker Toshiba is going to be chipdivisie to split. There will be outside the company searches for a new investor.

That has Toshiba’s board of directors on Friday determined. The company thinks, according to Reuters, that the chipdivisie between 1 and 1.5 trillion yen worth is translated between the 8.2 and 9.4 billion euro.

Last week was by anonymous sources claimed that Toshiba the chipdvisie wants to sell. When it was said that hardeschijffabrikant Western Digital may be of interest.

By the chipdivisie to split, and an investor to find, hopes to Toshiba an upcoming financial blow to absorb. The company has problems with nuclear activities in the United States. Here would be hefty charges have to be paid.

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