Tear gas and water cannon used in protests in hong Kong

Hongkongers run on Saturday, for the 22nd consecutive weekend of action against the government. As a part of the action was forbidden by the authorities, but that decision is made by the thousands and thousands of people will be ignored. In the clashes with riot police have used tear gas and water cannons against them and used it.

It was a Saturday compared to the last couple of weeks, comparatively a great deal of violence by both the protesters and the police. The situation has, in the course of the evening, out of the hand. Earlier in the day, there were several peaceful protests have taken.

A group of activists throwing molotov cocktails, and also put a zelfgeplaatste road blocks in the event of fire. Also, businesses have to pay for it. Due to the continuing unrest, the economy of hong Kong will, for the first time in a decade in a recession.

For the first time since the beginning of the protests, a pledge from China’s Xinhua news agency been. Hongkongers will have as residents of a Chinese region of a lot of freedom, but is afraid of the growing influence of the central government in Beijing.

The protesters have made the Chinese news agency, Xinhua, attacked. (Photo: Getty Images)

The protesters want greater democracy

There will be a Saturday also, people take to the streets to express their displeasure, to express the state of aairs of the districtsverkiezingen at the end of november. The high-profile activist, Joshua Wong, is out this week, as some candidates are excluded from participation.

The 23-year-old Hongkonger who, in 2014, the Paraplubeweging had called on the demonstrators and then on the Saturday, en masse, to protest against the decision of the british government. “That way, we can show the world that we are fighting for a free election,” he said.

One of the demands of the demonstrators have the universal right to vote. At this time, the top leader of hong Kong is chosen by a committee composed mostly of members who have Beijing’s support. As a part of the population, will be the successor of the controversial Carrie Lam to choose.


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