Teams are made up to begin with, the development of vaccines against corona virus

Three different research teams to develop three vaccines against the new corona virus that is from China and several other countries as laws.

This is what we know so far about corona virus:

  • The virus, discovered in december for the first time in the Chinese city of Wuhan.
  • There are seventeen people with the virus have died, more than a hundred others were infected as well.
  • Also, it is outside of China now, people have been infected. In Thailand, Japan, south africa, South Korea, Taiwan, and the United States of america, Singapore, south africa, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam, among others, are cases of disease have been reported.

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), a member who is noodprojecten, finances, wants, to, June, at least one vaccine ready for clinical testing.

The research will be carried out by, among other things, a developer of drugs and vaccines, the National Institute of allergy and Infectious Diseases, the University of Queensland, Australia.

There are three different projects, each with a different approach to testing for the development of a preventative vaccine for the virus.

The corona virus was discovered in November, in the city of Wuhan in eastern China. So far, seventeen people have died from it. At least a hundred people with the virus will become infected. The corona virus is in the meantime also in other countries emerged.

Chinese cities have shut down because of the virus

In the Chinese cities of Wuhan, Huanggang and Chibi, because of the virus and shut down. All of the traffic and public transport is at rest. Hopefully, the Chinese government spread to continue.

On Thursday it was announced that, in Wuhan, an emergency hospital is designed exclusively to patients of the virus are going to take care of. The goal is to have the hospital or within six days of being set up.

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