Team trump the view, in response to Dems in GOP districts

nearvideo President Trump says the three-piece cheated China, the Ukraine and the USA

Trump calls China and the Ukraine to investigate, Joe Biden and his son Hunter; rich Edson reports from the White house.

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On the roster: Team trump the view, in response to Dems in GOP districts – I’ll Tell You What: A dig-point – Dems grumbling about the big debate stage – Audible: That some fairly thick dough – Yinz are like…

WaPo: “White house officials, of the intention to stop the house of the impeachment of President Trump , are considering appealing to moderate Democrats in Republican districts are with the President, a pursuit at odds with the new political attacks from the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee. The outreach campaign would target some of the 31 Democrats from the congressional districts, Trump won in the year 2016, many of those who ran the rebuilding of the infrastructure, improve services and reduce the cost of prescription drugs, according to several officials familiar with the strategy. The officials of the speeches spoke on the condition of anonymity to freely, said the remedy would be to work on the basis of these Democrats, ” 2018 campaign promises, the President — accompanied with a warning that the prosecution would hinder a possible legislative victories.”

Charge veterinarians urge caution – the AP: “But the Republicans, who carried out President Bill Clinton‘s impeachment in 1998 are in agreement with the requirement of caution and restraint, as the Congress embarks on another impeachment battle, this time over allegations that President Donald Trump under pressure, the Ukrainian President , Vladimir Zelenskiy , to investigate his political rival , Joe Biden, and Biden’s son. The indictment veterans of two decades ago, were thrust into a seismic political event that sober was and circus at the same time. A new evil Chapter in American politics began to tense, that Washington institutions were stronger than it is today. … Today, the Clinton impeachment, Republicans insist, a break in the tribalism of the Trump era. … The best known is Lindsey Graham, a former Air Force Prosecutor, was among those who most vigorously hunting for Clinton. … The highest-ranking of the two Clinton Prosecutor in the house is Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner from Wisconsin… Clinton impeachment manager Steve Chabot, R-Ohio, was not eager to take a walk down memory lane, when they occur, in the capital the past week…”

Frizzy hair: The charge of bellwethers – National Journal: “All told, the figures suggest that while the politics of impeachment hearings now in favor of the Democrats, the prospect of building enough cross-party support to remove trump from the office remains remote. … It is easy to expect that the Republican base remaining solid behind the President, regardless of new information, but it is hard to see how to improve the broader policy for Trump or his party. In spite of the partisanship, there are many members of Congress are still, the prospect of which go to the removal from office to the front of the value of the observation will be tight. They are the bellwethers, the votes swing their upcoming reactions reflect the mood of the country. There are four categories of members, the experience I’m accurately observed: the swing-state Republicans and red-state Democrats, the Republicans retired, and the swing-district freshman Democrats with national security.”

Jim Geraghty: Don ‘ T obsessed about whistleblowers – National Review: “Here is a sentiment sure to be unpopular: If the story of the impeachment effort against President Trump is written, the whistleblower is an afterthought or a minor player in the entire history of the most. Either the whistleblower’s allegations are correct, or they are not. The indictment largely on whether or not President Trump actions, strike the legislature as an effort to effectively blackmail the Ukraine in search of dirt on Joe Biden, or if it was just trump as a trump, want to the facts on Biden strong-arming of a foreign government, in order to fire a Prosecutor who might have been investigated a company employee and his son. To address the vast majority of lawmakers’ conclusions on the action, with their party political affiliation.”

Schumer continued to press McConnell – Politico: “Chuck Schumer wants the Senate Democrats to keep the pressure on Mitch McConnell to hold a fair trial, if the impeachment of President Donald Trump arrives for the Senate — but he also wants to keep hitting the majority of the leaders for presiding over a ” legislative graveyard.’ The Senate minority leader convene a telephone conference with his group on Wednesday, to stay focused on his double-barreled messaging tactics during its 47 members are scattered all over the country, in the middle of two weeks off, according to three people familiar with the call. … Schumer (D-NY) called on his colleagues, not partisans to act in the midst of the prosecution’s request and pressure McConnell (R-Ky.) to undertake a fair trial if the house impeaches the President, according to a Democratic aide briefed on the call. … A second Democrat briefed on the call said, some leaders in the party are anxious for more strategic management of the party.”

The judgment of the judge: Trump attacks of his own presidency – This week, Fox News Senior judicial Analyst judge Andrew Napolitano explained, the Democrats ” evidence against President Trump and why he should be a principled defence, if he is a: “Federal law defines as criminal the call, the help – everything of value for a political campaign from a foreign national or foreign government, whether or not the thing is the value is coming or not. Federal law prohibits bribery and attempts at bribery, which is defined as the restraint of the performance of an official duty depends on the personal reception of something of value, whether the thing of value is coming or not. The law further prohibits intimidating a witness, which is defined as the use of the language designed to witness to discourage the witness, whether the intimidation is successful or not.” More here.

“The extravagant assessment of a distempered dignified with this character of jealousy can never be.” – Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 59

Smithsonian: “With his cheerful singles, Theater-medley and the iconic cover, the Beatles-11. studio-album ‘Abbey Road’ has a special place in the hearts of the band and the fans. But as the album celebrates its 50 years of existence, few can realize how groundbreaking his tracks for the band. In [William D. Moylan‘s] soon to be released book, ‘detection analysis of the plate forms the song’ [he shows] how the recording process can reinforce the craftsmanship of the songs, and “Abbey Road” is one of the albums that [he has]. At the beginning of 1965 with ‘Rubber Soul’ The Beatles, the exploration of new sounds began. To integrate this quest still in the ‘Abbey Road’, where the band was able to skillfully emerging recording technology set in such a way that the album apart from everything they had done before. … ‘Abbey Road’ … shows how a song can be written in a poetic and an instrument, deftly played. But the kind that is recorded in a track, the artist, the last stamp on the song.”

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Biden: 26.8 points (↓ 0.8 points from last wk.)
Warren: 22.8 points (↑ 2 points from last wk.)
Sanders: 16 points (no change from last wk.)
Harris: 5.6 points (↓ 1 point from the last wk.)
Buttigieg: 6 points (↑ 0.6 points from last wk.)
[Averages Monmouth University, Quinnipiac University, Fox News, NBC News/WSJ CNN include:.]

Average Approval: 42.2 Percent
The average of the rejection: 53.2 percent
Net Result: -11 Percent
Change from a week ago: no change
[Average, includes: CNBC: 37% approve – 53% disapprove; of the Monmouth University: 43% approve – 53% disapprove; Quinnipiac University: 40% approve, reject – 55%; Fox News: 45% approve, reject – 54%; NBC News/WSJ: 45% approve – 53% disapprove.]

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Politico: “The next Democratic presidential primary debate will probably be had to historical — but probably not for the reason that Democrats hoped for. The Democratic National Committee, announced on Wednesday that the 12 candidates have qualified for the Oct. 15 debate in Westerville, Ohio. And in contrast to the previous rounds, when the stage was limited to 10 candidates, which are set out in consequence of the first two debates, which will be split in two consecutive nights, all 12, share a stage on Oct. 15.This would make it the largest presidential primary debate ever, Republican or Democrat… Invited to the discussion are: Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Julián Castro, Tulsi Gabbard, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’rourke, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang. If none of the candidates “drop-out” between now and the debate, and Sanders in the discussion after his last heart procedure — it will surpass the previous record of 11 candidates on a primary debate stage, set by the Republicans during the 2016 cycle. The crowded stage leads to some grumbling from Democrats, who are already conscious about their speech time.”

Biden is trying to fashion a Super Tuesday firewall – Politico: “Joe Biden’s campaign is ramping its investment in the Super-Tuesday-States, in anticipation of a democratic race narrows to two candidates from the beginning of March. The increase in the staffing of the 14 States, the vote 3. March, Biden’s polling numbers are down, you and Elizabeth Warren have surged, especially in States like Iowa and New Hampshire, where they invested heavily in the area of organization. The former Vice-President, the campaign is still counting on strong finishes in the four early nominating States. But in the case of a weaker-than-expected performance, a Super Tuesday organization integrated itself would be a fail-safe for Biden. Many of the States on the Super Tuesday show — including a handful of Southern border States to play to its strengths among African-American voters and moderate Democrats.”

Molly Ball: Harris remains a mystery to voters – time: “Maybe in these days of brutal ideological struggle, this kind of pragmatism to be sold as refreshing. But in Harris’ case, it seems to be the opposite effect. Some of the participants at their events in Iowa said to me, you think that you are progressive enough; the others say, it strikes you as too far to the left. “She has not gone far enough to the activists behind her, but she is too far gone for some of the moderates,” says Larry Gerston, professor emeritus of political science at San Jose State University. ‘So she is in a kind of a no-person’s-land in terms of a good base.’ And yet polls show that Democratic voters want to like her–if only you can figure out what they are about. The race is not over by a long way. Iowa voters are notorious for shopping around until the end.”
Klobuchar is based on a family of iron-range roots – appeal: “If there is no evidence of Klobuchar’s strengths as a candidate that it is their margins in the conservative parts of Minnesota. In spite of Trump 8 win. District — the home of the Iron Range — from 16 points in year 2016, and the Democrats lose the seat in last fall, Klobuchar, worn by more than 10 points to be in her 2018 re-elected. But, as Democrats, have slip seen in the Midwest of the United States, Klobuchar has. Their margins last year in some conservative congressional districts were significantly lower than in 2012. To expand before you can attempt the Minnesota success nationwide, it has to win in the Democratic party base. ‘It would be unlikely,’ [University of Minnesota professor Larry] Jacobs said. “But I’ll never give up on Amy Klobuchar. No one is to work from home you.'”

Joe Lieberman
‘s son, Matt, to the Senate seat in Georgia – AJC

Pergram: How a Senate study, Trump was going to go to – Fox News

“There are different ways to bake the cake, depending on what kind of cake you want. Different flavors, different temperatures, different ingredients give different kinds of cakes, as well as the President of the master bakers, the recipes and deciding what kind of cake he wants to test.” – A senior White House official interview with the WaPo about President Trump’s freestyle solo approach to the impeachment messaging.

“I enjoy reading the mid-term report, particularly from the grandstand section where I can see how others respond to what they read. Your answers are usually spot on, but [on Tuesday] I took offense to your calling the impeachment process ‘celebrations’. To resemble that while the policy generally tends, battle bots, and political conventions are certainly festive, the gravity of what is, instead of in Washington now should be handled with more seriousness. The possible removal of a duly elected President, regardless of the outcome, leaves behind wounds that will take this country a long time to heal. We can’t leave the identify of our Republic, when all is said and done, because of the scars. One can only hope that subsequent generations can learn where we have failed, so that the impeachment or the threat of it, is as a political tool used all 4 years and never looks to be something like a festival.” – Dave Fischer, Memphis, Tenn.

[Ed. Note: I know it is very tempting to that the worst of it, Mr. Fischer. It just seems more dramatic and historic than optimistic, it also fits in the nation’s dour mood these days. I know it is tempting to take offense. In fact, take offense, has like our new national sport. The indignation of the Olympic games, our politics have overtaken that in-depth. And while I feel bad that you were offended by my jokes, I will continue to refuse to take you to take the policy seriously. The issues are too important to hang on every word of the politicians. There is no possibility of the partisan conflict, but I still tend to think that it’s waiting for something better on the other side. I am grateful for your readership and hope that you will remain faithful to us, despite my commitment due to recklessness.]

“Some will say, in the Senate trial, assuming the President is accused, the President, the lawyers will have the opportunity to subpoena and question anyone. Not to mention anyone, you are suggesting, Comey, Strzok, page, ear, holder, Lynch, Steele, Brennan, clapper, Hilary Clinton,… in the truest sense of the word every. It is hard to imagine that this is so, but if it is, well, the country is in a tempting, and certainly painful, show,…” – B. A. Street, Colorado Springs, Colo.

[Ed. Note: The Senate gets to have its own trial rules. How long, how many witnesses, in what order, etc. would all be forgiven if the house impeaches. I think that the scenario you describe – weeks stories confusing testimony going down, Alternative, etc. – would be a bipartisan nightmare. Instead, I expect that the senators would presentations prefer tight, concise.]

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WTAE: “An alligator was found in Pittsburgh Tuesday evening, according to Humane Animal Rescue. The gator, the Humane Animal Rescue with the name ‘Gus‘, was found in the vicinity of the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh, Lawrenceville, GA neighborhood. … George DeSavage , and his girlfriend noticed the alligator. He said, ‘We were just sitting there and watching the sunset on the river, and I happened to glance down and see you just sit there.’ DeSavage said he wanted to save the animal and possibly prevent, a dangerous situation for someone else. … He said, grabbing the alligator was the right thing to do. “It was quiet. It came the way it was handled, someone, before, because, as soon as I grabbed it, it went kind of limp and quiet and not fidget, or try and fight, or something,’ DeSavage said. Police showed up and Gus is on humane animal rescue in Homewood.”

“Morally speaking, and congressional critics of the Reagan doctrine of not speaking morally, above all, the sovereignty is absolute.” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) writing in Time magazine on June 24, 2001.

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