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Thibaut Courtois, over the last few years, one of the critical votes in the national team, announced yesterday, striking his coach. Who took that compliment an hour later, in thanks to, and thought: “Maybe that’s because we now work as a club.”

Courtois and Martinez at a training session during the world cup-kwalificatiecampagne © BELGA

So. Tonight we are going to the city in Moscow, there will be France against Argentina to see and later in the evening, Uruguay-Portugal. In between some sightseeing, and have a taste of the nightlife in the Russian capital. Then begins our exploration of this federation. First stop: Monday, Rostov-on-Don. Vakbij Ukraine, near the controversial annexed Crimea. Base of the military power, important in the fight against the Caucasian rebels, unfortunately, also played a role in the downing of that burgervliegtuig, MH 17, with 298 passengers were killed. Radar images from Rostov dominated that debate.

Rostov and don: here come the wild Cossacks came from. Ever used by the Russian tsars to the borders, and then also to move in the direction of Siberia. In the Russian civil war they were defeated by the Red Army, but after the fall of the Soviet union, they started a revival. Putin put them here in the south, in Rostov and Sochi, as the security guards of the tournament.

For some, they are a tourist attraction, their reputation in this country is, however, questionable. When opposition leader Navalny in may a demonstration against the regime organised, and dived suddenly, and they came to violent. With whips, their traditional weapon. Now and then you see them still on horseback, but usually they drive just around in Japanese cars and shoot them with firearms if necessary. Also flash mobs of Pussy Riot went into in the past. Their traditional woolen hat is known, their reputation with their countrymen negatively. For them are the cossacks of the fighting forces of the regime. Also with the annexation of the Crimea, they were involved. Because that area belongs to their original territory. Also played there Rostov to his role, as aanleverancier of military force.

The Red Devils will be in their bubble world cup is called, probably all less experience. They are focused on the tournament, which now goes quickly. On the clubritme that they are to European football in the fall can do think. Sunday, Rostov, Monday night match and then back to Moscow. At placement: Thursday to Kazan, Friday evening match and then back to Moscow. For placement: Monday, St. Petersburg on the night of Tuesday match and then back to Moscow. For football players of Chelsea, Manchester City, Barcelona, or United, or Tottenham ordinary lentekost.

A clubritme, also on training. Briefing, debriefing, preparing for competitions and hop on the plane. Thibaut Courtois praised yesterday notable the work of Martínez since the start of the preparation. The trainer took the praise in thanks to. He drew a parallel with the clubleven. Martínez: “The life of a coach, I need to learn. You get your players, work on a few things, your defense, a few offensive touches, and then there is your match and they are gone again. You want the joy of a goal is still nabeleven, or a bad thing to discuss, but they are no longer there, hop to the next assignment. The six weeks that we now are together, make me think of my job at club level. Every day together, every day things can discuss, work in the depth, the team building. I think this is the biggest difference.” Team Belgium.

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