Taxi service Uber is thinking about offering short dronevluchten

Taxi service Uber is thinking about offering short dronevluchten

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Taxi service Uber will be possible in the future, short dronevluchten within cities offer. The company thinks there are “serious about it”, says producthoofd Jeff Holden.

Uber is doing research on the use of the so-called vertical take-off and landing (VTOL)-flying technique for the aircraft vertically take off and land. They should also be fully electric and autonomous, reports Recode.

The VTOL technology can be applied to aircraft with multiple rotors. The onderzoekstak of the U.s. department of Defense, DARPA, is working on the technique.

Holden said that Uber is investigating VTOL to “on a day our customers multiple opportunities to move”.


The technique is, according to Holden, all the extent that, within ten years of VTOL aircraft in use can be taken. It is not certain whether that aircraft can also be used in densely populated areas.

The online taxi service recently introduced its first self-propelled car in the U.s. city of Pittsburgh. The company does research into the technique, which later should lead to a bet in more cities and countries.

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