‘Taxi driver in Amsterdam popular profession among young people’

‘Taxi driver in Amsterdam popular profession among young people’

The number of taxi drivers in Amsterdam is the first half of this year has exploded. The new drivers are often young people and self-employed persons.

In the first half of 2016, five times as many people started as a taxi driver, than in the same period last year. That it appears from the figures of the ING Economic Bureau, requested by The newspaper het Parool. In total started 382 people as a taxi driver, last year it was 76.

“There are many young people who join us want to join”, says the spokesperson of taxi-My Taxi Centrale Amsterdam.

The spokesman of the national trade association KNV Taxi recognizes that. “I can’t check, but I can think of something to propose. It is a time when young people are difficult to find work, so a taxi driver to be a logical step.”

Also the influx of self-employed persons by both spokespersons called. “There is a terrible increase of self-employed persons within the taxi industry”, according to KNV Taxi.

The number of independent taxi drivers by a simplification of the taxiwet since the beginning of this year, with 50 percent grown.

Major cities

In Amsterdam, more than 4.200 straattaxi. Also in Rotterdam is the number of drivers, in a somewhat lesser degree, increased. “This is a displays that in all large cities see, in New York and London, for example, also. But tourism is, of course, also”, according to KNV Taxi.

The organization points out that there are legal requirements have been abolished, making it easier to be a taxi driver. “In particular, on the straattaximarkt see you back. Also in other places in the country, but particularly in and around Amsterdam and Schiphol airport.”

Also there are platforms for consumers have been introduced, such as Uber. “These platforms attract also the self employed. This also provides for additional drivers.”

More young people

This is also something that My Taxi Centrale Amsterdam encounter. “In the past you had all of the exams get to be a taxi driver, now, almost everyone is a taxi company, start by going to the Chamber of commerce. I can, however, everyone is going to assume, but that is not fair for the men who have long time work for us,” said the spokesman.

The problem is, according to him, at the number of pitches. “For all the new drivers are not enough pitches. You may not just someone on the street pick up, it must be via the place to go.”

The municipality of Amsterdam should be according to My Taxi Centrale Amsterdam for a solution by a stop. The city was not reachable for a comment.

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