Tatum Dagelet to recognize more and more of himself into loving daughter

Tatum Dagelet to recognize more and more of herself in her daughter. That is, she told The Sunday Perstribune on Radio 1.

The show tells of Dagelet is that they are a mirror held up to you through her daughter of nearly seventeen years of age. “Sometimes you see features that you have,” says the 44-year-old actress and tv presenter. “I feel that, especially now that they’re a bit older.”

Dagelet, explains, “now She has a boyfriend, for about a year now. The dynamics of the relationship, I recognize a lot of my own love life.” As the show goes on the air with a smile to further. “A little bit of difficulty locating one. Given the expectations of a person. That kind of small things in life.”

“We have quite a lot of time talking about it,” adds Dagelet further. “You should also not be the best of friends; and decided to hold back and make it clear that you are a parent. But what, in the meantime, it’s very nice to have such a conversation, is that you can use to draw on your own experiences and examples that you can give. I, too, am a human being.”

Dagelet is telling you that they are in the liefdeslessen like to be the example that they have ever had. “As you sand, take it and you squeeze it too hard, it seeps all the way. However, if you have it loose, it is held, will remain on the plate. You don’t have to be a lot on top of a person like it.”

Dagelet was made in 2000 and 2004, and is married to Ruud de Wild. Their daughter was the first Toy He was in January 2003-was born. About her divorce, and motherhood, wrote, Dagelet, earlier in the book Drink, swear, and hope, that you are loved. In the tv series Of Father’s to Mother’s to talk to them with the children of divorced parents.

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