Tattoo Placement and Career Questions

Tattoo artists are also called body artists or tattooists. These artists design and apply images on people’s skin with the help of indelible ink. Tattoos have been a part of human culture since a very long time. In olden days, tattoos were meant to reflect a particular culture. However, over past several years, tattoos have become extremely popular with large number of celebrities sporting one or more of them.

Though in the past centuries, tattoo culture was limited to some tribes, especially sailors, today they have become an integral part of youth culture. Even the designs of tattoos have changed over past several years according to the taste and culture of today’s youth. Due to the rising popularity of this art, many people are looking at it as a viable career option. However, they are faced with many queries as this field is still in its developing stage. Important information for people interested in entering the profession of tattoo artist is given below:
Placement for Tattoo Artists:
Several people are worried about lack of job opportunities in this filed. Though this is true to some extent, it is very interesting to note that an increasing number of placement agencies are scouting for talented tattoo artists today. Many tattoo studios hire tattoo artists.

There is high demand for these artists in malls. Due to rising popularity of tattoos, tattoo artists are permanently hired by mall managements to attract youth crowd to their malls. However, most of the tattoo artists are self employed and the income they earn depends upon the type and amount of trade they receive. The peak season of earning for them is summer month. Self employed tattoo artists can get good orders for tattoos for birthday parties or even weddings.

The duties and responsibilities of tattoo artists are mentioned below:
• They should ensure safety and health of the customers by taking all hygienic precautions. Tattoo artists should clean and sterilize their tattoo equipments regularly. They should also keep their work area clean so that the chances of skin infection are minimized. Regular disinfection of the work area is also needed.
• They should make new designs in their spare time. The designs should be innovative and should be made by keeping the latest trends in mind. They can also have different books of designs for different genders and age groups. This helps customers in making a choice.
• They should have up to date knowledge of latest fashion and trends. Just knowing the latest trends in tattoos is not sufficient. They should keep themselves abreast with the happenings around the world as this can help them in designing contemporary tattoos. Having good information about different cultures and cities can also help them to interact with customers from different parts of the world. This is more true for a self employed tattoo artist.
• They should meet the prospective clients regularly and discus their requirements with them.
• They can make good impression on the clients by applying a bespoke or pre-made design to client’s skin.
Skills Needed to Become a Tattoo Artist:
The job of a tattoo artist is a specialized job and needs the unique set of skills and attributes that are mentioned below.
• Steady hand. People suffering from tremors are obviously not suitable for this profession.
• A good flair for creativity and design
• Dedication and patience
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• Love for alternative career and cultures
• Ability to pay attention to minute details
• Ability to convert client’s desires and ideas into designs that can be used for making a tattoo.
• Empathetic culture

Experience Needed:
Tattoo artists need to start with an apprentice program. Any employer would like to check the evidence of creativity in their prospective tattoo artist employee. Hence, tattoo artists should be prepared with a portfolio of their artwork that they can present to their prospective employer. The portfolio should be rich in creativity. It should also be varied in terms of its content. Many employers prefer tattoo artists having experience in other forms of art. Hence, having an experience in logo, graphic novel or other art works can be advantageous for tattoo artists for finding good work.

It is believed that there are going to be more career opportunities for tattoo artists in the time ahead due to the rising popularity of this art. Tattoo artists who are high in creativity and dedication can surely make a good career out of it.

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