Tastefully and alcohol-free: sound with mocktails

Whether you play on Tournée Minérale or you’re just looking to make sure that you also work to drink: mocktails are always good. And they are a lot more than orange juice with grenadine, so it proves the book ‘100 mocktails’.

Ginger spritz © 100 mocktails

No idea why it previously was, but if you order a non-alcoholic cocktail early, the chances are that you orange juice with grenadine got, finished with a marashinokers. As the bartender are classics what knew, provided he you a Shirley Temple for: Canady Dry mixed with orange juice and grenadine, with also that marashinokersje. They were very sweet and only a few people found them really good, so mocktails were equal to an insult to the craftsmanship of cocktailshakers.

Just bite it © 100 mocktails

That is today quite different! There arise all sorts of exciting combinations that prove that alcohol is not a must, is to have something tasty to mix. Non-alcoholic no longer have well-behaved, very sweet or boring. To rods, joined Hilde Deweer 100 mocktailrecepten in a book, which she finished with a pack of fine tips and basic. As she demonstrates how easy it really is to your own syrups and soft drinks to make, she does the difference between ginger beer and ginger ale from the fabrics and gives them a comprehensive list of non-alcoholic versions of alcoholic drinks.

Or now fruit juices, vegetables, coffee or acoholvrij beer: with her hundred recipes surprised the Show you guaranteed.

These three recipes can get you perfect now:

  • Blue munch
  • Just bite it
  • Ginger spritz

© M-Books

100 Mocktails, Hilde Deweer (M-Books, € 19,99)

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