Tanning salon fit to strong uv-lamps after the control

Tanning salon fit to strong uv-lamps after the control

22 of the 154 solarium (14%), the Dutch Food and consumer product safety Authority (NVWA) in 2016, checked, turned out not to comply with the maximum uv-stralingslimiet. They used to strong uv-lamps.

When re-checking proved to be exceeded in 19 of the 22 cases are solved; 3 solarium’s got a fine. At the last re-checking proved that all tanning beds to meet the maximum stralingslimiet.

Since 2007, the rules for tanning beds increased the risk of skin cancer to reduce. A user must be over 18 years old to a tanning bed to use and the maximum uv radiation is 0.3 W per m2. The NVWA supervises whether the rules are adhered to.

Exposure to uv radiation may increase the chance of skin cancer increase. The stronger the uv radiation and the longer/more frequent the exposure, the larger that contribution will be.

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