Tammy Bruce: celebrity vid on Mueller report ‘insults’ American, shows “pathological fixation” with trump

nearvideo Tammy Bruce on celebrity-Mueller-video

Tammy Bruce on celebrity-Mueller-video

A video with actor Martin Sheen, Robert De Niro and George Takei are asking the public read the full Mueller report is an insult to the American people, according to Tammy Bruce.

The video is also an example of Hollywood’s obsession with President Trump, Bruce Tucker Carlson said on Friday, “Tucker Carlson tonight.”

“It is also claimed to be offensive, because it behaves as if the American people — or, in your own constituency, the other liberal — either are too lazy to read, or read it but not understood it correctly, or have they simply given up,” Bruce.


“It is obviously a group of people who are embarrassed – as they should be. Not only because of this video, but since they did tell people for years that this will be the case. It was not just about fixing, it was that the President of the United States was a Russian spy.”

Bruce suggested some in Hollywood go continue to focus on the President must.

You need to “get out of this pathological fixation on Donald Trump. You have to admit you were wrong and accept it, that’s what most Americans do, and move on.”


You claimed that the people, like the actors in the video need to feel embarrassed if they thought Trump was a “Russian spy.”

In the video, published by NowThis News on Thursday, prominent pointed to events such as the infamous Trump Tower to meet contacts from the former adviser of George Papadopoulos, and Trump told Russia in a press conference that he hoped that they could get, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s E-Mails.

In the short clip played by Carlson, De Niro saw the said he believed to attack the Russian government, “our democracy.”

“West Wing” actor Sheen, the a President on TV, added to Russia, interfered in the election of 2016 “in the profound and systematic way.”


“Before the report was even claimed to be published, Trump’s Attorney General William Barr lied about his content,” Sheen.

“That’s all in the report. Please, read it for yourself.”

“Matrix” star Laurence Fishburne said he believed that Russia, “hundreds of contacts with the trump campaign” in 2016.

Author Stephen King, who said, he believed that it was a “massive covert operation.”

“Star Trek” star Takei to the Müller report, claimed that “the overwhelming evidence compiled ever against a sitting U.S. President.”

Fox-News-Sam Dorman contributed to this report.

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