‘Tall people are more at risk of thrombosis’

‘Tall people are more at risk of thrombosis’

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The risk of thrombosis and other health problems seems to be increasing as people are longer.

That enable Swedish scientists in Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics.

They studied data of more than two million Swedish brothers and sisters, and observed, inter alia, that the risk of thrombosis is lowest in the smallest men and women.

The risk in men who were smaller than 1.60 m, was 65 percent smaller than in men, which is 1.88 meters or larger. In women who were smaller than 1.55 meters reduced the risk of thrombosis by 69 percent compared with women longer than 1.83 meters.

“At length is nothing to do,” says lead researcher Bengt Zöller. “We see that the length of the population continues to increase, what may contribute to the fact that thrombosis occurs more frequently.”


According to Zöller has gravity may have something to do with the relationship between the length and thrombosis. “The longer people have longer veins in their legs and thus a larger surface area where problems can occur. Also has gravity have more influence on the beenaderen of long persons, allowing the blood to be slower is circulated.”

A shortcoming of the study was that the researchers could find no information had on the youth of the participants, the environment in which they grew up, and the diet that they followed.

In Dutch, the average man almost 1.83 meters long. Women are, on average, 1.69 m long.

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