Talk show with Beau van Erven Dorens get a Letterman-style setting

The new latenightshow Beau, by Beau van Erven Dorens will be a Letterman-style setting, ” said the presenter, on Thursday, in a conversation with Wilfred Genee in the radio Veronica the Inside.

Van Erven Dorens, that’s what he is, however, a certain amount of pressure to feel as a follow up to He House. House’ experience with a latenightshow short time later, he was stepped over by Humberto Tan, who, in his turn, though, with the disappointing viewing figures now.

“We just need to be honest with you. It can be difficult for the RTL, in order to not have to say it really is a nightmare. You are, of course, with an amazing show, and slowly, slowly, you will lose all of its viewers to a home cooked apple pie, and Others, that it is very good to do. But it’s a waste of a timeslot, where the viewers will say goodbye to the day and want to take in the news of the day is to discuss it with the people that matter most.”

According to Van Erven Dorens, it becomes difficult to the viewers to win back. “They’re going to be with the bushes, and come out one at a time back. So, that I find to be daring and RTL, but also to have my name on it. We are also going to have a new setting, so we have to go on the Us tour. It’s a David Letterman-setting.”

Van Erven Dorens, however, has its limits: “I’m not a comedian, I have all sorts of restrictions on that area. I can not do on my own is a joke, so I am going to try it. However, it is to be the setting for a time to do something different, something new.”

Beau has been coming here for the first time.


Beau van Erven Dorens, pour a Late Night in the Letterman setting

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