‘Taliban leader moellah Omar lived for many years close to Us base’

The Taliban leader moellah Omar lived for many years in the Afghan province of Zabul and lived for a long time, even close to an American military base in that region. That’s in the new book of journalist Bette Dam, writes the Volkskrant on Thursday.

Dam spoke for her book In search of the enemy with about a hundred people about Omar. An important source was the helper of the moellah, Omari.

Omari says in the book that moellah Omar always in Afghanistan is to continue to live. The Americans thought that he was going to Pakistan had fled, just as Osama Bin laden. There was a price of 10 million dollars (about 8.8 million euros) on the golden tip that Omar would lead.

The moellah, a major islamic spiritual, it is according to his helper for a long time in the provincial capital of Qalat continue to live. He then moved to a small village in the same province.

Omar twice narrowly escaped Americans

According to Omari, the Americans two times very close to the moellah come. In both houses where he would have lived, was a raid done. The first time clogged moellah Omar himself under a mountain of branches, the second time the soldiers had not by that there is still a room.

The Taliban leader could Dam survive because he but with three people had contact. His wives and children he has, since 2001, not spoken. Omar died in 2013 of tuberculosis.

Dam was from 2006 to 2012 correspondent in Afghanistan, including NRC. She wrote earlier, a book on former Afghan president Hamid Karzai. Dam has five years of research for her new book, In search of the enemy.

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