Tabern reduces disadvantage against Van Gerwen at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS darts

Michael van Gerwen comes Saturday night for the first time in action at the world cup of darts. De Brabander takes the in the second round against the Englishman Alan Tabern. Follow the party in our liveblog.

World cup of darts · a few seconds geledenVan Gerwen misses four wedstrijdpijlen and see Tabern back to 2-1.World cup of darts · 2 minutes geleden2-0! Van Gerwen breaks Tabern and should throw for the match.World cup of darts · 4 minutes ago “The sloopgkogel from Vlijmen to’ starts the fourth set strong and picks up the openingsleg.World cup of darts · 6 minutes agoSet! Tabern wins the set and comes back to 2-1. The Englishman is not yet won.World cup of darts · 7 minutes geledenVan Gerwen makes it 2-2. A fourth set or pulls the Dutchman the party?World cup of darts · 9 minutes geledenTabern get back on the lead: 2-1.World cup of darts · 10 minutes geleden1-1! Van Gerwen takes on convincingly in the second leg in the third set and the orientation is the same.World cup of darts · 12 minutes geledenTabern retains his place and will actually lead in the third set: 1-0.World cup of darts · 15 minutes ago

Van Gerwen 2️⃣ – 0️⃣ Alan Tabern
102.03 average, 6/9 on the doubles from MvG as he races to a two set lead.

AvatarAuteurPDC DartsMoment of plaatsen23:09 – december 15, 2018WK darts · 18 minutes agoSet! No problem for Van Gerwen who is without legverlies the second set winner. The Dutchman picks up a 2-0-lead, and is one set away from the third round.World cup of darts · 19 minutes geledenDe PDC to let you know that the biergooier immediately from the room is removed. “This behavior is tolerated, we do not,” said the dartsbond.World cup of darts · 20 minutes geledenOok the second place is for Van Gerwen. ‘Mighty Mike’ is going to throw for the set.World cup of darts · 23 minutes geledenOok in the second set of takes on Van Gerwen in the lead. The bierdouche the Dutchman out of his concentration.World cup of darts · 29 minutes agoSet! Michael van Gerwen retains his place and wins the first set 3-1.World cup of darts · 30 minutes geledenTabern keeps its place and comes back to 2-1.World cup of darts · 30 minutes geledenDoor this incident the match was postponed. Van Gerwen receives a bierdouche and get a good amount of beer in his eyes.

Michael van Gerwen get for z’n rise to a torrent of beer all over him! #rtl7darts

AvatarAuteurRTL7DartsMoment of plaatsen22:56 – 15 december 2018WK darts · 33 minutes geledenOok the second leg is a prey for Van Gerwen: 2-0.World cup of darts · 34 minutes geledenMet a finish of 104 breaks Van Gerwen Tabern. The Dutchman takes the lead.World cup of darts · 36 minutes geledenNa a tumultuous turnout is going to the party of start.World cup of darts · 37 minutes geledenInmiddels is clear why Van Gerwen was waiting. The Dutchman has a big bierdouche received and was also beer in his eyes.World cup of darts · 39 minutes geledenGeen ideal preparation for Van Gerwen. The Dutchman is now actually the stage for sustained.World cup of darts · 40 minutes geledenInmiddels is clear where Van Gerwen is preserved. He has a wrong shirt attracted and must at the last moment of shirt-swapping. The contest will be delayed for a moment.World cup of darts · 44 minutes geledenAlan Tabern is already on the stage, but Michael van Gerwen is still lacking any trace. The Dutchman late in coming.World cup of darts · one hour ago,The results of Michael van Gerwen in the recent world cup’s:

  • 2018 – Semi-finals
  • 2017 world Champion
  • 2016 – Third round
  • 2015 – Semi-finals
  • 2014 – world Champion
  • 2013 – Final

World cup of darts · one hour ago,Alexandra Palace prepares for the match by Michael van Gerwen. The two-time world champion is in the next batch in action against Alan Tabern.World cup of darts · 4 hours geledenMichael van Gerwen is confident his first match at this world cup. The Dutchman is tonight during the final game in action.

Tonight it is my turn.
The big one. The World Championship.
Prepared. Confident. Excited.

AvatarAuteurMichael Of GerwenMoment of plaatsen19:06 – 15 december 2018WK darts · 5 hours agoNoppert knocked out in second round of world CHAMPIONSHIP darts after defeat against Hopp
Danny Noppert is off in the world cup of darts. The 27-year-old Frieze to lose more than of Max Hopp from Germany: 3-0.World cup of darts · 5 hours geleden2-0! Noppert is the moment, not only against Hopp and comes on a 2-0 gap in sets.World cup of darts · 6 hours geledenNoppert throws seven perfect darts, but fails to have the place to themselves. Hopp is in the second set on a 2-1-lead.World cup of darts · 6 hours geledenAi, a false start for Noppert. The Dutchman loses the first set to stand a chance with a 3-0 Finale.World cup of darts · 6 hours agoDanny Noppert begins his tweederondepartij against Max Hopp.Back to top

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