Sylvie Meis is still looking for a way to deal with attacks in the media’.

Sylvie Meis has been working for years in the media, but in the meantime, the 41-year-old presenter’s notes that, over the last few years is a more common “attacks” to it. In a way we are dealing with this, she has yet to be found, she writes in her column in Grazia magazine.

“It’s not about my face, and then there is the fuss about this dress, which I have all sorts of schemes would have had on him. No matter what I do, everything goes quickly out of control in the last period of time,” says Meis, who will be on the first day of June, in a dress that’s too good”, it was labeled, was released at the wedding of a friend, Barbara Smith.

The tv presenter, who mainly works in Germany, calling it a “new phase” in her life. Meis, saying that they are the team of women around her and a lot of inspiration from them in order to deal with such criticism.

“The different reactions from my team to help me to make things for myself and to give structure and perspective. Also, it helped that, in the case of my dress at the wedding of Barbara’s, is that it is the bride herself, with a persstatement came up with: ‘Sylvie is my friend, and I thought she was gorgeous and I was so happy that my special day was made.'”

Meis calls it, “a mindfuck” that is, they have to wonder whether or not she is, indeed, a mistake has been made. “There were women, which is just as spectacular, and dressed up, but the only difference is that they do not appear in the press meet. Never before have I had an experience that I’m so ugly in the press, came out with a comment like: this dress was just too beautiful, Sylvie was too sexy. On German tv there was a man-eater-esque music, and mounted it under the pictures that you have of me, in slow motion, the boat will go to the church to go to. In this way, there will be a statue of me, created, of which I am not able to arm themselves.”

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