Sylvana Simons writes letter to Johan Derksen to rule over ‘monkey’

Sylvana Simons writes letter to Johan Derksen to rule over ‘monkey’

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Sylvana Simons has written a letter to Johan Derksen for his decision in a broadcast of a Football Inside. Therein claimed to be the voetbalanalist that the member of the political party THINK “as proud as a monkey”.

“Through the reached me the news that you last night again you cultivated racism and sexism have to apply at the table with your colleagues,” writes the host of Tuesday in a letter to and the ANP has sent.

Derksen responded in the broadcast on the news that RTL no longer will the traditional Zwarte Piet and instead the schoorsteenpiet introduces. “The only drawback to the decision of the RTL, I find that hysterical mischievous young lady Sylvana Simons now as proud as a monkey by the land rent”, responded Derksen.

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Too much credit

It sticks Simons that Derksen’s role in the decision of RTL. “How honorable, I also think of you, just as a woman and black, so much credit for such an important change in the course of a large media company, commands the truth to me modesty to exercise and you pointing out so many others that what concerns me much more honour deserve.”

Also, Simons on the protest against Zwarte Piet, as in the eighties of the last century was conducted.

“In the years ’80 were multiple actions taken. But that you probably know well, because given your passionate belief that we are not traditions need to change, you will then also have pronounced when the roe and the threat of the children with the bag out of the children’s festival in the ban were made.”

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The presenter refers in the letter in addition to several celebrities, including Sunny Bergman, Erik van Muiswinkel, Anousha Nzume, and Peter R. de Vries, who, according to her, also made a significant contribution within the debate.

That RTL the discussed decision will Simons, both grand as marginal.

“Great, because it is an important signal broadcast to all Dutch people. Marginal, because ensuring the safety of our children and grandchildren is not (only) may be left to “the community” and commercial parties. That is evident from the fact that the same company is apparently fine that you makes statements that are at odds with what is RTL with this decision, wishes to represent.

Simons invites Derksen to one time with her and her party to run. “So that you with their own eyes can see how ‘scary’ we actually are. You’re welcome. And because it is you, I will by way of rapprochement and except as a good girl, black, coffee for you. Although I think you prefer a cigar. No problem. We are going to arrange.”

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