SX and Coely may United States is not in a “This is really a mystery to us’

Would both of them play on the showcase festival South by Southwest, but that does not go through. Also other bands on the festival would play, reported all that she the country is not within allowed.

Coely: “I ponder the things are sometimes too hard. I have to constantly push to my heart, not my head.” © Charlie De Keersmaecker

“After months of dreaming, planning and saving, I was ready for my debut to present at South by Southwest.’ So begins Coely the statement on her Facebook page, which they communicate to us refused to be on a plane from Copenhagen to the Texan Austin, where SXSW takes place. Coely had, however, a valid passport and all other necessary documents, gives them to themselves.

The rest of Coely’s crew was allowed on the plane. They tried another and another to fight through the American embassy in Washington, but to no avail. “It is a hard pill to swallow, but I will persevere and this makes me only stronger!’, she is also a fighter. Coely was there at the invitation of Pukkelpop and the muziekblog Disco Naïvité, who put together a showcase organize.

Also another Belgian band, SX, put a similar message on her Facebook page. “Mondays were our papers fully ok. Wednesday morning, we were again sent home.’ Benjamin Desmet of the band says that the members could not check-in on their flight in Paris because their status was changed. Why that is, could neither he, nor the airport staff declare. “We have all the rules followed, from beginning to end. This is a real puzzle for us.”

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Curiously enough reported for several non-American bands that would occur at the festival, how they were not to the United States were allowed to travel, despite the fact that they have valid visas. Some artists would even detained, interrogated for hours and expelled.

Previously there was all the fuss about the festival, because the standard contract for groups from outside of the U.S. suggested that they transferred to the immigration authorities if they would do that the festival would be detrimental. The festival then is all for that wording and applied the contracts yet, but the commotion would therefore be only a harbinger of the immigratieproblemen that the festival would get. Except for SX and Coely, there are already at least four programmed bands that have reported their action will not get.

It is still unclear why the involved bands in the United States is not allowed. (JvL, EK)

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