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In this transferblog, we will keep you up to and including the last day (31st of August) in the summer transfer market up to date with all the news. Not only are the confirmed transfers, but also to all the rumors.

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Transferupdates · 26 minutes ago inthe’Transfer following his departure to chelsea, The hotel is Located at The competition today and completed at
The transfer of This Is and Ajax, to Juventus, is probably now complete. That report various media. The minutes should be in the final stages of the negotiations, to sit. The Serie A club, is reported to have been in the last couple of days get closer and closer to the asking price of 75 million euros-consuming. For both sides, it seems today is the perfect day to bring the deal to be complete: Ajax amsterdam leaves tomorrow morning at their training camp in Austria, while the selection of The competition with a training camp in Asia-will begin. (Source: AD), (VI)Transferupdates · yesterday, at 23:20 and‘and Manchester United’s demands, the top prize for Lukaku’
The club was seriously in the market for Romelu Lukaku, but the striker’s Manchester United, the English club, nothing is incurred. The recordkampioen uses the cross as a price of 85 million euros, the exact amount of the United, Lukaku is in 2017 and took over Everton. The club has great hopes that the price can compete with. (Source: Sky Italia)Transferupdates · yesterday, 22:25‘Bazoer pursue a career in the Short -‘
Riechedley Bazoer is pursuing his career in the Sprint. That, reports The Telegraph. The 22-year-old midfielder, comes from the German VfL Wolfsburg, and according to the newspaper, there is an oral agreement with the people from arnhem entered into a three-year contract. Bazoer only need to have a medical check-up will be. He came in during the last six years, on a rental basis for FC Utrecht, the netherlands. VfL Wolfsburg, and was willing to give Bazoer to sell it. (Source: The new york times)Transferupdates · yesterday at 20:36‘Schwaab likes to work out in Freiburg
Daniel Schwaab does his work out with his high school sweetheart, SC Freiburg. That the report Of the Baby. The 30-year-old defender is, after his departure from PSV eindhoven clubloos and be on the lookout for a new club. The letter of invitation to Schwaab, does not mean that a contract can be awarded at the Bundesliga club. (Source: The Kicker)Transferupdates · yesterday at around 20:30 to‘FC Barcelona, and that makes tonight’s transfer Griezmann on”
There’s not a day goes by without a rumour spread around by Antoine Griezmann. Now it seems to have a deal with one of the muitende striker of Atlético Madrid is closer to. According to L’équipe, makes the FC Barcelona tonight in the escape clause of 120 million euro to the bank account of the vicente calderon for Griezmann once and for all to take. Griezmann was published on Monday, against the appointments, not the training of the Half and went not with them to the training camp in the United States of america. (Source: L’équipe)Transferupdates · yesterday at 20:10, VVV-Venlo, the pull of German defenders to
VVV-Venlo will have the services of a Friend Pachonik. The 24-year-old German who comes from Carpi FC 1909, that the first season was released in the Italian Serie B. for The defender to sign for three years in the Netherlands. Pachonik, it is the tenth new arrival at the beginning of the TOURIST information office, which is next year, under the leadership of coach Robert Maaskant. (Source: VVV-Venlo)Transferupdates · yesterday at 19:11‘Feyenoorder Tapia refuses to accept the Russian megacontract’
Renato Tapia has a megacontract from Lokomotiv Moscow to close down. It reports Voetbal International. According to the voetbalblad, it is the position of the Peruvian international has been one big disappointment for the Team, because he’s not in the plans of the coach, Jaap Stam. In addition, the Rotterdam-based club, with the sale of the Tapia, who has a contract until 2020 and has the extra money to be generated for the spelersbudget. (Source: Voetbal International)Transferupdates · yesterday at 16:35FC Twente will present the fourth new entrant
FC Twente will once again be the player attracted to it. Jose Matos is the fourth new arrival in the selection of the new Fc. The 24-year-old linkervleugelverdediger will be on a rental basis from FC Cadiz. Before drew, the Tukkers are already a Paul Verhaegh, Julio Pleguezuelo and Lindon Selahi on. (Source: FC Twente Transferupdates · yesterday at 16:14Straalman touches down in Norway
Bart Straalman continue his career in Italy. The 22-year-old defender, who renewed the offer of The County, and after the relegation from the Premier league will not accept, sign for Sarpsborg 08 FF, a club which gives access to the highest level possible. Straalman has played five years in the beginning and in the last half of the year, the leader of The ‘Superboeren’. (Source: The Guardian)Transferupdates · yesterday at 15:54Potential ‘ s-hertogenbosch-the owner angry at the clubleiding
Kakhi Jordania, the prospective owner of the football club ‘ s-hertogenbosch, and is angry with the clubleiding by Sam Christmas without their permission, to sell, at THE city of Zwolle. In the letter, which was in the hands of the Regional Newspaper, which speaks in Jordania, from a ‘strategic blunder’. The defender would also have a low transfer fee, have been sold. “FC Den Bosch, has the potential the player has not enough value.” The clubleiding of ‘ s-hertogenbosch has not yet responded. (Source: Brabants Dagblad (daily)Transferupdates · yesterday at 15:36 theCity and the Right to speak with a veteran, And we have seen so far
The age will have no control over And we have seen so far. The clubloze rechtervleugelverdediger travel won the Copa America with Brazil to the uk to speak to two clubs, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur. It reports O Globo. The two teams would have specific interest in. (Source: O Globo)Transferupdates · yesterday at 14:19Bazoer will refundable back in the Premier league
In the future, Riechedly Bazoer does not need to be placed at VfL Wolfsburg. The 22-year-old midfielder, missing out on the elftalfoto of the German top teams. Bazoer might be the first season back in the Premier league can be. Several Dutch clubs have reportedly been interested in him. Bazoer has played for the past six years, he was still contracted to FC Utrecht, and has been in the past, under contract with Ajax amsterdam and PSV eindhoven. (Source: Sportbuzzer)Transferupdates · yesterday at 12:10But refuses to be with the Arsenal for US to go
Laurent, But it refuses to work with the selection in the first half of them have to travel to the United States for a training camp. The 33-year-old French defender, who has a one-year contract, the club is happy to leave it to the French league. “We are extremely disappointed by the action of Chickenpox. This is clearly contrary to our agreements. We hope to have the situation as quickly as possible”, says Arsenal’s own web site.Transferupdates · yesterday at 12:08 amTimes, will in the coming season and would like the striker to be playing in the BACKLINE
If it were up to Donyell Malen is he will be playing next season in the striker, and pulls the PSV is not a follow-up to the Seville has departed Luuk de Jong. “I think it’s a great position for the youth, for a very long time will be played. In the last five games of last season, I played, which was quite nice. It’s nice to hear that other people have of me is ready for it, and I hope that the trainer will be there just to feel that way,” he said at VI.Transferupdates · yesterday at 11:25Allardyce: ‘I Have lived ‘no’ is said to be at Newcastle United’
Sam Allardyce claims that he was at Newcastle United and return times, as a manager, but he has, thank you very much. “It was very flattering that they would send me as the candidate saw it, but I don’t want to have to turn the clock back and to turn. The dialogue was never as far gone as people are now suggesting, but it just wasn’t for me. I got a polite ‘no,’ I said. I was quite surprised, as I have all season been to you.” (Source: talkSPORT)Transferupdates · yesterday at 09:32 am“AC Milan wishes to Pereiro for up to 15 million euros to take over from the RANGE
It seems like there are more on the Gaston Pereiro PSV eindhoven, this summer is going to be abandoned. The Uruguayan midfielder is in the concrete interest from AC Milan and the Italian nation hopes to have him for 15 million euro’s to them. The PSV, it would not be unkind towards a start from Pereiro, who in the previous season, started out as a basisspeler, but after the winter break, waiting on the bench again. (Source: Gazzetta dello Sport)Transferupdates · yesterday at 08:46 pmNapoli president hopes to still be coming to This
Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis hopes to still be with the arrival of the Real Madrid midfielder, James Rodriguez. “He is a player who, after Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the most of the radiation in the direction of the media. Such is the world of him, and we have to wait until we have a more reasonable proposal to get it. “Real is currently a stumbling block, because of their expectations, which, in our opinion is excessive. But, James, I would like to go to This meet.” (Source: Corriere dello Sport), Transferupdates · yesterday at 08:39 am‘Neres of the following, which has improved contract to sign with Ajax
David Neres, would that have an improved contract and sign in the Box. The Brazilian attacker will still have at least one more season in Amsterdam to stay in. Ajax has reportedly been a bid in the amount of 40 million euros from Atlético Madrid, the in Neres, but that has been decisively rejected. André Onana, Nicolas Tagliafico and Dusan Tadic set has recently been signed to a new contract with Ajax. (Source: Yahoo Sports)Transferupdates · yesterday at 08:03 pmBannink and join the FC Emmen, Go Ahead Eagles
Alexander Bannink is doing is a step backwards. The 29-year-old midfield player replaces the Fc, FC Emmen, Go Ahead Eagles, which ended the season just in addition to the promotion of the highest level handle. Bannink sign here a contract for one year with an option on another season. He came in last season with 24 appearances in the Premier league, of which he has four goals, made at the time. (Source: Go-Ahead Eagles)Transferupdates Wednesday, at 23:18 as‘The increase will be discussed and will be The Is the Saturday showcase’
They have the offer on This Offers increased hopes of the nineteen-year-old defender is coming in on Saturday to present it. That, reports The Telegraph. This is the “Old Lady” in it that Is set in the future and Ajax on a training camp to Austria. It is said that The serie a champions, which at first wanted to go for a bid in the amount of eur 50 million, is now less than the 67 million euros in bids. This is approaching going to be the champion of the Serie A, the asking price of 75 million euros. (Source: The new york times)Transferupdates Wednesday at 23:09, Real asset, Militão goes sick away from presentatieTransferupdates Wednesday at 22:10 and‘the Former FC Utrecht midfielder Jean 40 million to West Ham’
Sébastian Haller replaces the Eintracht Frankfurt-West Ham United fc. Report this to the Italian media. The 25-year-old attacker, who will be between 2015 and 2017, when FC Utrecht is played, it would be a five-year contract in London, to sign it. To said receiving Eintracht 40 million euros for the Frenchman, who will have two seasons at the Bundesliga club and is under contract. (Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport)Transferupdates Wednesday, at 21:35‘, Inter’s negotiations with United over Lukaku’
When we are in La Gazzetta dello Sport are to be believed then passes to Romelu Lukaku next season with The club. According to Italian sports is, today, a delegation of the international in London to negotiate with Manchester United, which is the current employer of Lukaku. The ‘Top’ questions-75 million euros for the 26-year-old Belgian, who will have three seasons at United under a contract. Inter will reportedly meet the asking price, if it is spread out over a three year period and can pay for it. (Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport)Transferupdates Wednesday, at 19:10 inLiverpool, explains the attacker’s original production for longer
Divock Origi has to be a new multi-year commitment signed in front of the club. The attacker, who was in the last Champions League final, went in goal, who had a contract until mid-2020. It is not known when the new contract for the 24-year-old Belgian to be precise passes. (Source: Liverpool FC)Transferupdates Wednesday, at 17:53AS Roma and leaves the eye to fall on Alderweireld’
In the search for a new defender comes in AS Roma for Toby Alderweireld, reports that the Italian branch of Sky Sports. The ‘Romans’ are in a bid to prepare for the case that the defender, who has one season at Tottenham Hotspur under the contract. For the $ 27.8 million he would be allowed to return to London. (Source: Sky Sports)Transferupdates Wednesday, at 16:03of PEC Zwolle takes on the defender Christmas from FC Den Bosch
PEC Zwolle is reinforced by Sam Christmas. The 21-year-old defender arrives from FC Den Bosch. Christmas signed a contract for two years with an option of an extra season in PEC Zwolle, a transfer fee needs to be paid, because the player will have a three-year-old part of the FC Den Bosch. (Source: the PEC Zwolle)Transferupdates Wednesday, at 11:58 amReal: the six players are gone, then Pogba’
Real Madrid hopes to reported to be still active at the arrival of Paul Pogba, but the Spanish club must set up the necessary millions, to be available to receive it. In order to achieve this, would be James Rodriguez, Isco, and Gareth Bale, Lucas, Vazquez, Keylor Navas, and Mariano Diaz is allowed to return to the capital, Madrid. That’s about six, or at least a large part thereof, should be sufficient to provide for the arrival of the 26-year-old Manchester United midfielder is to be able to improve the situation. (Source: Marca)Transferupdates Wednesday, at about 11:20 andLuck is hoping to again on This
Fortuna Sittard will try again to Jose Rodriguez with the selection to add it. The Fc has hired the 24-year-old scot, last year, all of Georgia, and hopes to be again on the rise. A huurdeal looks like this time it won’t be possible, as the right-back end of the season press conference, and the German club will be nothing to him to deserve it. “Jose has done well. He would like to, we would like to be, but he still has a one-year contract in Germany. We’ll have to see if we can come up,” says the technical manager with Analysis of Ars. (Source: VI)Transferupdates Wednesday at 10:35Vandaag a year ago since he left Real Madrid for 100 million euros from Real Madrid to Juventus.

@Cristiano @juventusfcen Ronaldo’s first season at Juve 🔥
🔲 In 43 games
⚽️ 28 goals
🏆 Serie A
🏆 Supercoppa Italiana
🥇Serie A’s Most Valuable Player

AvatarAuteurUEFA League LeagueMoment of plaatsen09:55 pm – July 10, 2019Transferupdates Wednesday at 09:10 and‘They will come soon with a new offer”
It’s that time again-time for a new update in the transfersoap around This Hotel. They would, in the short term to a new, increased, bid will bring out the nineteen-year-old defender. The latest offer is reported to have been eur 67 million, but Ajax will not deviate from the selling price of 75 million euros.

La #Juventus offre 67 milioni per #DeLigt, ma, l,’#Ajax and non-va, sconti e ne vuole 75 in cash. Bianconeri being ready for ad alzare la proposta nelle prossime ore, per chiudere at the in settimana, l’arrivo del central, olandese, che, resta, la priorità assoluta by Sarri. #calciomercato

AvatarAuteurNicolò SchiraMoment of plaatsen04:51 – July 10, 2019Transferupdates Wednesday at 08:14‘Ziyech and Bergwijn a plan B from the Play’
Should it be Bayern Munich, will not be able to, Leroy Sané, or Ousmane Dembélé, the come to a said, Hakim Ziyech, and Steven Bergwijn is in the picture for the German champions. Following his departure to chelsea, and in the RANGE, there would be a lot cheaper than in the Sané (Manchester City) and Dembélé (FC Barcelona), and, therefore, as an alternative. The representatives of Ziyech and Bergwijn could also have been speaking with the technical guy from Bayern, Hasan Salihamidzic. (Source: Bild)Transferupdates Wednesday, at 08:08 pm‘PSV’s charge is still on my Pereiro’
The risk does not seem large enough that a PSV player this season, even with Gastón Pereiro. The 24-year-old midfielder is always on the lookout for a new club, PSV eindhoven is counting on for the Quarter is still a step down. It is said to be in the limelight, but has so far not yet been finalized. Pereiro is yet to be a year in Eindhoven, the netherlands. (Source:, ETC.) Transferupdates Wednesday at 08:00 pm, Sat for few years, back in some sort of position as Is now
It was not the Job of the Stream (24) in January of 2016, with the Club having left for AS Monaco. The deal did not go through as the defender, with the Team that lost to AZ (4-2). Striker Vincent Janssen who was guarded by a Stream and scored three times. “It was a dramamiddag and Monaco with ex. I have been there at all, it was a question of drawing,” says Van Beek. “Now, when I go to This Is a look… A couple of years ago, I was in his position. He is also, of course, but I hung out at Amber, and could be a great transfer to AS Monaco.” (Source: VI)Transferupdates Wednesday at 07:53Solskjaer: ‘No offer for Pogba’
At the first press conference of Manchester United’s manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, in the new season, going to be the many of the transfergeruchten. To said to be able to star players such as Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku to rely on the interest from other clubs as well. “There has been a lot of talk and speculation about our players. That is also part of this group. But we are Manchester United, we have no one to sell to. There has been no bid for Paul,” said the Norwegian coach. “What is his agent also claims that it is his.”
Transferupdates · Tuesday at 23:01Defender’s Office, signs a contract with the Atlanta
Frank de Boer has done as a player. The eighteen-year-old defender, and George Was putting his signature on a contract by Atlanta in the United. This past season, was the man for the second team from Atlanta in the United.

This is the case, a landmark day for this club.
Congrats to @GeorgeC1927!

AvatarAuteurAtlanta United FCMoment of plaatsen22:08 pm – 9 July, 2019Transferupdates Tuesday, at 22:28‘ACADEMY, with Achahbar in agreement about the contractontbinding’
PEC Zwolle and Anass Achahbar from each other, have been set free. According to The guardian nigeria, has in the Centre an agreement has been reached with the 25-year-old striker on termination of the contract. Achahbar was in mid-2016 due to THE taken over of the Team, but it was in the nineteen matches played to not score a goal for Zwolle. Over the past two seasons, he was let on the NEC. (Source: The guardian nigeria)Transferupdates Tuesday, at 20:01Xabi Alonso returns (if he returns in the Capacity of
Xabi Alonso is going to be as a trainer in the battle for Real Sociedad B, which plays in the Segunda División B. in The Spanish-old midfielder will be returning to the club where he started in 1999, spelerscarrière started. Two years ago, ended His last season and was active as a coach at Real Madrid under 14 years of age, have an active career.

Feels good to be back home @RealSociedad

AvatarAuteurXabi AlonsoMoment of plaatsen19:14 – July 9, 2019Transferupdates · Tuesday’s at 19:44 in theFortune renting his van in Valencia
Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands, the fourth addition to a new season within. The People renting the Spanish midfielder Àlex Carbonell, who is the youth academy of FC Barcelona to withdraw for a season from the city. Previously, enhanced Fortune is all in Patrik Raitanen, Rasmus Karjalainen, and Felix Passlack.

🇪 🇸 Current𝗛𝗼𝗹𝗮 À𝗹𝗲𝘅 𝗖𝗮𝗿𝗯𝗼𝗻𝗲𝗹𝗹!
✍🏼 In the midfield for one season at the center of the city.
Welcome, Àlex!
#SamenNaoVeure #WelkomAlex

AvatarAuteurFortuna SittardMoment of plaatsen19:30 pm – July 9, 2019Transferupdates · Tuesday’s at 19:36Zidane hires son, Luca, to Racing Santander.
Luca Zidane to defend in the coming season, with the goal of Racing Santander. The 21-year-old goalkeeper is Real Madrid, where his father, Zinedine Zidane, the coach is a year out of the Spanish club, which plays in the Segunda División.Transferupdates Tuesday at 18:57, FC Emmen, take Laursen over looks
FC Emmen zoo, they can be the tenth addition to the new season in the least. Nikolai Laursen is the drent egyptians taken advantage of and put his signature on a three-year contract. The Danish attacker has played in Eindhoven-only for the Young PSV eindhoven, and last season he was still contracted in their own country for Brøndby IF.Transferupdates · Tuesdays at 18:10FC Groningen strengthened with Benschop
A fun-packed video presents the football club FC Groningen, the introduction of Charlison Benschop. The spire is the Pride of the North ” to the press conference taken over by the German club FC Ingolstadt and signed a contract for two more years. Benschop will remain active in the champion’s League, since last season he came out he was still contracted to The County.

A player who does the actual farming action mixed!💚
#WelkomBenschop #trotsvanhetnoorden

AvatarAuteurFC GroningenMoment of plaatsen17:49 pm – July 9, 2019Transferupdates Tuesday at 16:48 andIf a technical director is back for his
Edu will be back in the Area. The 41-year-old Brazilian will be appointed as the technical director of the London-based club, of which he was from 2001 to 2005, it has been running. “Arsenal has always had a special place in my heart, and I am very happy to be back with the club in a new role,” said Edu. “We have a strong squad and some talented young players.”Transferupdates Tuesday, at 16:39‘Newcastle to see off Van Bronckhorst’
Giovanni van Bronckhorst doesn’t seem to be the new coach of Newcastle United. According to the Uk media, to see the side, after’ of, the availability of the 44-year-old coach, and she is a trainer, search for the experience in the Premier League. Steve Bruce is now considered to be the leading candidate as the successor to the departed Rafael Benítez is to be used. (Source: The Chronicle)Transferupdates Tuesday, 16:27the ACADEMY Of Wermeskerken from Cambuur
PEC Zwolle takes on once again a player of SC Cambuur. After the goalkeeper Xavier Mous submit to the Regional club and the Sai van Wermeskerken is fixed. The defender comes, press conference of the Frisian club and signed a contract for up to two years in Zwolle, the netherlands.

PEC Zwolle will pull right back to Sai van Wermeskerken, to: #saiispec #peczwolle

AvatarAuteurPEC ZwolleMoment of plaatsen16:may 11 – July 9, 2019Transferupdates Tuesday, at 15:49Brown extends contract with Excelsior.
Luigi Bruins plays for the next two seasons for the Advantage. The 32-year-old midfielder has extended his expiring commitment to the Kralingers for two years, so he has until the summer of 2021, under contract, is located in Rotterdam, the netherlands. Brown started out in the mid of 2014 to the third period with the Advantage, that in the last season and into the Kitchen in the Champion Division and were relegated.

🔟 It is the final and Most Bruins to extend the contract for two years!
#excelsiorrdam #writingthefuture #samensterk ⚫️🔴

AvatarAuteurExcelsior RotterdamMoment of plaatsen15:45 pm – July 9, 2019Transferupdates Tuesday at 15:00, Also On Nieff leave in the United
It was all just up in the air, but Yoëll van Nieff leave after a year, again, with Heracles in Almelo, the netherlands. The 26-year-old has continued his professional career at the Hungarian Puskás Akadémia FC. Earlier today, saw the United Adrián Dalmau has already move to FC Utrecht, the netherlands.

Success in one country’, @yoellvnieff!

AvatarAuteurHeracles AlmeloMoment of plaatsen15:00 pm – July 9, 2019Transferupdates · Tuesday at 14:45 onbelow link to see a return to the Club as a ‘perfect’ scenario
Leroy Fer is training currently the sole Team to take on his rehabilitation, and hopes this summer you secretly have a contract in force with the former employer. The transfervrije has to see a return, if an “ideal” scenario. “I don’t want to be the future of. We’re going to give me a chance to get in shape. I’m working on it. Ideally, it would be a return to the club where it all began. But so far, it is not possible right now.” (Source: AD)Transferupdates Tuesday at 12:35Raiola is hoping that United’s Pogba’s vertrekwens it
It looked like everything is a cake and egg, but if we do, Mino Raiola are to be believed, was the head of Paul Pogba last month, even though I didn’t have more for a longer stay at Manchester United. The agent of the French midfielder is counting on that, “The Red Devils” are that the client will in all respect send off, do so. “He did nothing wrong, the club knows a lot more of his vertrekwens. It’s a shame that people with no knowledge of affairs, and criticize, and that is the club, not against it, but I hope that we can reach a satisfactory solution for all parties.” (Source: talkSPORT)Transferupdates Tuesday, at 12:32 andFC Utrecht will take Dalmau from United
Here is the attachment of the FC Utrecht: Adrián Dalmau leaves Heracles Almelo in the City. The 25-year-old striker to sign for three years with the club, coach John van den Brom. The right-back was last season to nineteen goals in the Premier league. It is not clear what the FC Utrecht pay to Dalmau.

🇪 🇸 Current Hold On Those!

AvatarAuteurFC UtrechtMoment of plaatsen12:30 am to 9 July 2019Back to top

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