Swiss vote in referendum with bouwverbod new nuclear power plants

Swiss vote in referendum with bouwverbod new nuclear power plants

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The population of Switzerland is behind the plans of the government for billions to put in renewable energy and a ban on the construction of new nuclear power plants.

That is the result of the Sunday held a binding referendum in the country. According to preliminary figures voted up 58.2 percent for the plans.

The Swiss initiative reflects the efforts elsewhere in Europe to the dependence of nuclear power to reduce. Germany seeks the closure of its nuclear power plants in 2022. Austria nuclear energy for decades ago said goodbye.

“The results show that the population of a new energy policy wants and no new nuclear power stations wish”, said the minister of Energy Doris Leuthard.

Less fossil fuels

They added that the new law the use of renewable in the country’s generated energy will strengthen the use of fossil fuels will reduce. Also will the country be less dependent on foreign energy.

“This law leads our country to a future with a modern energy,” she said at a press conference. Some parts are at the beginning of next year already.

37 euro per year

The debate about the law ‘energy Strategy 2050’ focused on what customers and taxpayers should pay for these measures, and whether the 2035 promised quadrupling of wind and solar energy will be sufficient.

According to Leuthard takes the new package of the Swiss, on average, 40 francs (about 37 euros) per family per year. According to the critics, would a family of four persons converted more than 2,900 euros annually in additional costs.

Moreover, it would, according to them, the country due to the varying yield of wind and solar energy more dependent on imported electricity.

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