Swiss man shoots officers and himself

Swiss man shoots officers and himself

Photo: EPA

A 33-year-old Swiss has in Rehebotel, a village in the near of lake Constance, two police officers that were shed were searching shot down, and the weapon later on himself.

The perpetrator is dead, one of his victims became fatally wounded. That was according to the local media in the heart region affected. The other got a bullet in both legs.

The police wanted the man, who has a criminal record had because of previous violent crimes, persist after a tip about a marijuana plantation that he would have. The suspect opened unexpectedly the fire and sped off. He entrenched himself in his house and was during hours of negotiations not to move on.

Eventually a police dog released that the shooter overwhelmed but could not prevent the gun at his head, and pulled the trigger.

There was as a precaution, a robot would help to check whether the man actually was dead and the backpack that he had no explosives contained. The fear of this turned out to be unfounded. It was a second weapon and ammunition found.

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