Swing-vote senators are signaling potential support for Kavanaugh, in spite of well-funded left-wing pressure

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Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed: Pastor Jeffress

Pastor Robert Jeffress predicted that President Trump’s Supreme Court pick, judge Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed by the Congress.

Several swing-vote senators, including moderate Republicans and vulnerable Democrats in red States, have given GOP leaders cause for optimism that Brett Kavanaugh will soon be confirmed to replace retiring Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme court.

Although Kavanaugh’s confirmation remains uncertain, because the Republicans’ razor-thin 51-49 majority in the Senate, the moderates, the ” early reactions show that millions of dollars in expenses to fluctuate from liberal groups and key senators against Kavanaugh, may ultimately prove to be fruitless.

Only 50 votes are needed to confirm Kavanaugh, after Republicans eliminated nominees with the filibuster for the Supreme court in the last year. The democratic leader had a circle already removed the filibuster for other Federal judges in 2013, to confirm President Barack Obama’s candidates for the DC power.

A Democratic senator in front of a pitched re-election battle, in Missouri, Claire McCaskill, has already been hints that it is closely weighing the political consequences of voting down the nomination.

“If you’re going to ask me questions about the Supreme Court was nominated, I have nothing to say,” McCaskill said repeatedly on Thursday.

And two key moderate Republicans — Sens. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, and Susan Collins, R-Maine, not the voice, allegedly, all the concerns about Kavanaugh in a closed-door GOP officials will meet this week.

In public, Collins Kavanaugh praised the impressive credentials” and “extensive experience”.

“It will be very not argue hard for someone that he is qualified for the job. He is very qualified for the job,” Collins told reporters. “But there are other problems in connection with judicial temperament and its … judicial philosophy that will also play into my decision.”

Meanwhile, Murkowski made it clear that they felt that Kavanaugh was the trump card is a better choice than other candidates, when you consider, oweing to its lengthy record and explained to support the precedent of Roe v. Wade. Both senators voted for Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals in 2006.

The two pro-choice moderates said, you are not a candidate would have to support, that would Wade overturn Roe v.. She also appeared in the Arizona sen. John McCain — whose disease is likely to make him not be able to choose for Kavanaugh, despite his support for the candidacy — in stopping the GOP bid to repeal ObamaCare last year.


“You don’t want the critical voices to this; we are going to force you, the decision to vote.”

– Ezra Levin, founder of the one project

Well-heeled liberal groups hope for a similar betrayal now, as you try to print Murkowski and Collins in the poll below Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Former Minnesota sen. Al Franken got in on the action, writing a long series of hypothetical questions he would have asked Kavanuagh at his hearing — he had not been rudely unseated from the Senate and the judiciary Committee last year amid allegations he tried violently to kiss several women and other buttons on the camera.

“You don’t want the critical voices to this; we will force you to have the decisive votes on this,” Ezra Levin, the founder of the progressive group Indivisible project, said on MSNBC last week.

A rush of money pouring into Maine and Alaska, as well as States with moderate Democrats up for re-election this year, from the conservative and liberal organizations. Leads the progressive charge are the newly created group Calling for justice, and Naral Pro-Choice America and planned Parenthood.

Demand justice alone are expected to spend $5 million for advertising in connection with the nomination, while a conservative group called the judicial crisis network is expected to spend almost $10 million.

The money is not be limited to, Alaska, and Maine. Democrats also hope to convince senators in the States, the support of the trump prone to block her political life on the line by trying, Kavanaugh’s confirmation.


Among the fashion Democrats rates up for re-election this year in States that went for Trump in 2016, Indiana’s Joe Donnelly, West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkamp.

In contrast McCaskill, all three voted to confirm that the more conservative Neil from gorsuch of the Supreme Court in the past year, although New York Democratic Sen. claimed Kirsten Gillbirand incorrectly on CNN that no Democrats voted for from gorsuch.

But while Donnelly and Heitkamp just said that you carefully screen Kavanaugh, Manchin struck a more cautionary tone in its statement, following Kavanaugh is strong and focused mainly on health issues.

“The Supreme court will ultimately decide whether the nearly 800,000 West Virginians who lose with pre-existing conditions, your health care,” Manchin said. “This decision will impact on almost 40% of my condition, so I am very interested in its position on the protection of West Virginians with pre-existing conditions.”

Alabama Democratic Sen. Doug Jones, who recently won a special election and is up for election in 2020, that is usually the mother on the Kavanaugh — promising a “thorough review” of its credentials. But analysts say he would have considerable political consequences if he tries to derail Kavanaugh nomination.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said on Fox & Friends last week, the Democrats can’t be counted against their party’s leadership, unless, Kavanaugh confirmation has already been secured.

“I guess we can’t expect the Democrats said until we get the 50 votes that we need, and then we get five or six of them,” Grassley. “Otherwise, I don’t think we can count on you.”

But, he added, would have something to “lose very go dramatically wrong”, the voices of the Murowski and Collins.

Talk on “Cavuto Live” on Saturday, Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, has predicted that all Republicans would support Kavanaugh.

“I can’t speak for all my colleagues, but I still say before, we said at the end of every Republican in support of judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation,” Lee. “I think we will end up with a couple of Democrats.”

Lee also sharply criticized Hillary Clinton claiming the “absurd, hyperbolic,” that Kavanaugh’s nomination, the clock would turn back to the 19th century, said the former first lady “should be ashamed of these comments.”

Gregg Re is an editor for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @gregg_re.

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