Swimming federation FINA to blame, also ” Sun ” and ” Scott is after a new controversy at the world cup

Following In the footsteps of the Australian Mack Horton will also feature Sun Yang, and Thomas Scott at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in South Korea as a warning, and had a swimming federation, FINA. Topzwemmer Sun to keep the thoughts of those significantly involved in the tournament in Gwangju.

China was in 2014, with a dopingstraf, and it was just before the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, a rookie of the re-violation of the doping rules. The case has not yet been completed, but that he must, therefore, be in action in the philippines.

And that was against the sore leg of many of the swimmers. Horton, refused on Monday to protest on the podium, but once he’s in the 400-meter freestyle, silver had been caught behind the Sun. The Briton, Duncan, Scott, had on Tuesday, after his bronze medal in the 200-meter freestyle, also no appetite to share the stage with the Chinese winner of the.

This led to a medal ceremony of the 200 metres, to an outburst of anger by the Sun, and those who do not, was served, and that Scott has it completely dismissed.

The champion shouted to the stage at the the Brit, and said to him, and after the ceremony: “You’re a loser I’m a winner You’re a loser I’m a winner).” The incident came to two swimmers in a message from the HOUSE too.

Sun Yang to Duncan Scott: “You’re a loser. I’m a winner.”

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Sun is not well-liked at the world cup

Horton and Scott aren’t the only ones who are opposed to the CHAMPIONSHIP, with the participation of the well-publicized Sun is known to be. A lot of the other swimmers as well as viewers left the show behind-the-saying-to-face.

The 27-year-old Sun dominated for years at the 200 -, 400-and 800-meter freestyle. The gold medal in the 200 free at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in South Korea, meant that already in the eleventh title of his career. He is also a triple olympic champion.

The world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Gwangju will last until Sunday. The netherlands picked up, as yet, no medals at this year’s tournament.

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