Swimming association FINA warns of the Delight, after a protest at medailleceremonie

Mack Horton has a Monday, with an official warning by the international swimming federation, FINA received. In the Interview, refused to work with the Chinese, Sun Yang on the podium at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in South Korea.

While in the HOUSE, the freedom of speech in the matter, it must be in the right context, it needs to be done”, reports that the swimming federation, in a statement. “The athletes and their families should be aware that it is a HOUSE event is not the appropriate place to make personal or political statements.”

Horton won a silver in the 400-meter freestyle, in Gwangju, from behind the Sun. China was in 2014, with a dopingstraf three months, and it was just before the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, a rookie of the re-violation of the doping rules.

The Australian was not happy with the decision, by which the triple olympic champion, the Sun just was able to take part in the uci road world CHAMPIONSHIPS, where he recorded his eighth world championship medal.

During the medailleceremonie continued to Horton, the defending olympic champion in the 400-meter freestyle, behind the scenes, and he was ignoring the Chinese winner of the. After posing he was generous to the photographers, with Gabriele Detti, Italian, winner of the bronze age.

Mack Horton refuses, in addition to Sun Yang, for the prize-giving ceremony. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

The other swimmers have to applaud it for Dress up

The Sun was disappointed that Horton, his group has carried out, during the playing of the Chinese national anthem. “It’s good to see that, not in this country. But it is a pity that he has a China in the context of everyone else, will do me hurt.”

The battle of the 23-year-old’s Delight was met with a loud round of applause and welcomed by many of the other swimmers in the stadium. The American swimmer Lilly King and told him that they are in the act of the Dress “awesome” were found.

“We have been using a lot of swimmers out to the medailleceremonie to look at it, because we thought that there was something special about to occur,” said the King. “When the Dress later, in the dining room, at the stadium and walked in, he was being cheered on by the other swimmers.”

“It was good to see that many of his colleagues would support him” said the King. “If your HOUSE to us, not to protect against cheaters, we have to do that.”

Dress up, posing, however, expanded to the new number three, Gabriele Detti. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Competition between the Dress and the Sun goes back many years

The competition between the Dress and the Sun goes down return to the Olympic Games in 2016. During a training session, it was Dress up as a character from the greeting, to intentionally get splashed by the Sun.

“I have to see him, because I don’t have time for, and respect for the dopinggebruikers,” said Horton after about an hour.

During a training session in Gwangju, the two of them mixed up. Delight swam in lane 3, as for the Chinese, in the course of 4 wanted to go for a swim. After the Sun’s request for an Australian coach to take another job to choose from away, he left the whole of the Australian team in the pool.

Since the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, in the 400-meter freestyle was dominated by the Sun. With the 3.42,44 he set in Gwangju, the best time of the year to his name.

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