Swimmer Kira Toussaint tested in november was positive on doping

Swimmer Kira Toussaint last month at the world cup in Beijing tested positive for the prohibited substance tulobuterol, reports swimming federation KNZB Thursday.

The bond got the news earlier this month for the start of the world cup short-course in the Chinese Hangzhou to hear by a letter from the international federation, FINA. Toussaint, just before the start of the tournament ‘ill’ resigned, denies doping.

“For me, it is completely unknown how this substance in my body. I’m 100 percent for a clean sport,” says the 24-year-old Dutch Thursday in a statement.

“Never in my life I have been in contact with drugs, or do I have to doping. I am always very, very bright been in discussions about doping. I can with my hand on my heart say that I am not aware of have taken.”

Toussaint swam this fall at the world cup in Singapore to the Dutch records in the 50 and 100-meter backstroke (short-course). In early september, she corrected all the national personal best in the 100-meter backstroke excellent tactical and technical skills, while later in the wereldbekercircuit on the 50 and 100 meter free and the 200-meter backstroke, her personal record aanscherpte.

Kira Toussaint (left), with Ranomi Kromowidjojo. ()

‘Use only authorised medication’

Toussaint says that she has asthma, but there is not the means of tulobuterol for used. “My medication is allowed and has the same effect as tulobuterol. Tulobuterol is reported to be not available in Europe. It is in seven mainly east Asian countries, including China, have available.”

We are currently investigating how the prohibited substance in the body of Toussaint. “Because I know that I never have used, I am confident that all will be well,” said the rugslagspecialiste, which is also regularly part of the Dutch estafetteploegen.

Jan Kossen, director general of the KNZB, regrets the affair and wants to Toussaint help. “It is terrible what Kira’s happened: the message, it is necessary to withdraw from the world CHAMPIONSHIPS and the great uncertainty which it is,” he says.

“We know Kira as a hard-working, honest athlete. Now the B-steel clarity, we can Kira help figure out the cause. We wish her much strength in the coming time.”

“Have the half-flight to the house crying’

Toussaint left before the start of the world cup short-course already home. “It was so unreal, I have the half-flight of crying. It felt so unjust. I lived for months to this tournament, I was very in shape and fighting fit, but I went home,” she says.

“Today I want my story to share with you, because I am innocent, and have faith that the truth is always the longest lasting. I also find it terrible that I’m not being honest could tell you why I could not participate in the world cup.”

Toussaint says a lot of support to be received. “The last weeks were a nightmare for me, especially when the world cup was still in the process. The people around me have given me tremendous support. I also have a lot of support experienced from the KNZB, they have made me even a bouquet of flowers sent.”

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