Swedish prosecutor wants Assange arrested in verkrachtingszaak

A Swedish prosecutor has Monday a request for the arrest of Julian Assange submitted. The WikiLeaks founder applies as the prime suspect in a verkrachtingszaak. He would in 2010 two women have been raped in Stockholm.

The Swedish prosecutor wants after approval of the request, a European arrest warrant against Assange issue. The Australian says he is not guilty of sexual abuse.

The investigation of Assange was two years ago suspended, but was last week reopened. This happened after he in april by the British authorities and was arrested in the embassy of Ecuador in London. His political asylum was made after seven years repealed.

Assange fled in 2012 to the embassy, shortly after he is in the Uk on bail was introduced in the Swedish verkrachtingszaak. Sweden had an arrest warrant issued.

A British judge has Assange been recently almost a years imprisonment imposed for violating the conditions of his bail.


Julian Assange: Journalist, hero or criminal hacker?

Assange fears extradition to US

The WikiLeaks frontman did not want to be at the mercy of the Swedish prosecutors, because he was a extradition to the United States by the Swedish authorities feared.

The Americans want Assange to trial for his alleged collaboration with whistleblower Chelsea Manning. He’d helped her illegally to gain access to overheidscomputers.

The ex-inlichtingenanalist of the American army was in 2013 sentenced to 35 years imprisonment for espionage and leaking more than 700,000 secret documents to WikiLeaks. Four years later, they are free, after the intervention of Us president Barack Obama pardons had been granted.

Manning is the last week for the second time this year, pinned, because she refuses to testify in a case about WikiLeaks.

The property of Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy to be transferred to the United States, reported The Guardian on Sunday on the basis of WikiLeaks. It was going to be under more legal papers, medical documents and equipment.


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