Sweden will stop verkrachtingsonderzoek against WikiLeaks founder Assange

The Swedish prosecutor’s office has still not been returned to let you know that it’s against the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange directed verkrachtingsonderzoek is not running. However, there is not enough evidence to take the allegations of the two women, to support them.

In may of this year, the investigation into the allegations made by the women’s right to re-open.

Then, it has been reported that Assange is suspected, the only two women in 2010-have been raped during a conference to be held in Stockholm, sweden.

Assange, the accusations have always been denied: it is said that the women agreed to have sex. One of the women, according to a leaked police report, said that Assange having sex with her while she was asleep.

The other woman says that she will only have sex with him if he put a condom on-hand, which he at first refused to do. After that, he would, according to the woman, deliberately put a condom on a piece, and still go ahead with the sex.


Julian Assange: Journalist, hero, or a criminal hacker?

Arrest warrants have previously been repealed in Sweden

Sweden has already tried to get Assange to the court. In the end, the arrest warrant was withdrawn because of “all the possibilities of the research have not been exhausted”. Assange sought refuge in the embassy of Ecuador in London for extradition to occur.

He has already stated that the land was in the federal court are used as a way for him to make it to the United States of america, because the country wants to sue for the leaking of hundreds of secret documents by WikiLeaks.

Assange was in may, almost a year to the cell of condemned as he is to the terms and conditions of his bail have been violated by the embassy of the republic of Ecuador to proceed. He’s currently being fixed.

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