Sven Vandenbroeck, right hand of Hugo Broos: ‘has Evolved to include young, dynamic group

Hugo Broos won Sunday night in the Gabonese capital Libreville with the underdog Cameroon against Egypt, as the first Belgian coach of the finals of the Africa Cup. Sport/Voetbalmagazine spoke with his right hand Sven Vandenbroeck.

T2 Sven Vandenbroeck celebrates with Christian Bassogog (L). © AFP

S/VM: What is the first thing you in the head if you think back to the final?

Sven Vandenbroeck: “What a day! We are now six hours after the match and I’m still full of emotion. Egypt began at a high tempo. Their dominance lasted for 25 minutes and they came out deserved 1-0 because they always someone smart in the space between our midfield and our defense. By our society, to rearrange, we had the match in hands. The second half, we are in a block of four play – two central defenders and two defensive midfielders – with our flanks and fullbacks higher. We pushed them away and through the flanks, we made the difference. The statistics say enough: 62 percent possession of the ball compared to 38 per cent, 15 attempts compared to 4 and 6 corners vs 0 for them. At the end we got the whole stadium behind us. On the bank, we felt that the Egyptians physically difficult, and from the sidelines we asked our guests to continue to dominate. The second goal just before time was an explosion of joy. Everyone was on the field. Beautiful!!! In the group the gold medal to pick up, and afterwards the victory lap: that’s great!”

S/VM: What is your greatest achievement in this unexpected success?

Sven Vandenbroeck: “Our merit is that we left renewed. Since our appointment in February of last year, 75 percent of the core has changed. We were the second youngest team of the tournament. Of an old, static team, we have evolved to a young, dynamic group. A second aspect is that we have mutual trust and unity resulted, in combination with a clear tactical system, 4-3-3 with two defensive midfielders and two creative sides. That was absolutely necessary. We took bold decisions and made us not be tricked by brokers and bondsleden. That made our position in relation to the players is very strong. They realized that there was no other way than to perform. Previously it was not always the coach to the core. We made pure choices, slid the protected players little by little to the side and opted for new, younger players. From the first selection, we got the feeling that the skeleton of the group’s certain. I remember Hugo in his first meeting with the players advised him what he wants from each position was expecting and immediately the response came: “we Should all go do?” In that mentality had to change something. We were able to do.’

Read the full interview in our +zone, or in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of Wednesday, February 8,

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