Sutton-goalkeeper resigns due to investigation of patty


Sutton-goalkeeper resigns due to investigation of patty

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Goalkeeper Wayne Shaw has on Tuesday resigned from Sutton United, after the gaming commission authority of the English government and the English football association FA an investigation into him started.

The 45-year-old reservekeeper became discredited because he Monday during the FA Cup match against Arsenal on the substitute bench a patty at. The almost 150 kilos heavy, Shaw knew that a betting office there, a rating of 8 to 1 on.

The gambling company that the bets had assumed was Monday even one-time sponsor of Sutton United, which plays at the fifth level of England and one of the big surprises was in the FA Cup.

Sutton manager Paul Doswell regrets that the case is so high, it is incurred that Shaw decided to resign to serve. “This is very disappointing,” said Doswell. “When I woke up this morning there was a storm of criticism and we as a club soon, have to find.”

“Wayne has been resigned and that the chairman be accepted. He was in tears on the phone. It is a sad end of a beautiful story.”

Goalkeeper Sutton to eat pie waiting on the bench

Reservedoelman Wayne Shaw of Sutton United has been possible, the rules around betting broken when he Monday during the FA Cup match against Arsenal a patty at.
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The almost 150 pounds heavy keeper did that is because a betting office there odds of 8 to 1 on.
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Sutton had three times changed when Shaw the sandwich at.
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Richard Watson, director of the gaming commission authority, stressed earlier in the day that the matter was very seriously investigated. “Integrity in sport is not a joke and so we are investigating what exactly happened,” says Watson. “We look for anomalies in the gambling market and to investigate whether the bookies all requirements have been met and integer has acted.”

The FA will investigate whether or not Shaw the rules of the association in the field of gambling has violated, leave a spokesperson to the BBC.

Shaw told Monday after the 0-2 lost duel against Arsenal all that he knew that a bet could be on a pie during the contest. “I heard it from a number of guys. My answer was that I have the whole day still nothing had eaten and that later in the day, maybe still do.”

The goalkeeper denies the fact that he or one of his teammates is doing something wrong has done. They have no bets placed. “That we may not. I think a few friends and a few fans that have done so.”

Veldbetreder is not addressed during FA Cup match Sutton-Arsenal


Shaw, nicknamed ‘Roly-Poly Goalie, had the patty in the rest ready. He waited with eating until Sutton three times had changed and he could no more raids. He saw his team from the bench with 0-2 losing to Arsenal.

By the defeat of wam in the eighth-finals put an end to the FA Cup adventure of the semiprofs of Sutton United. The ‘Gunners’ take it in the quarter-finals against Lincoln City and also which club comes out on the fifth level.

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