Suspicious Parisian kunstdiefstal says five masterpieces to have ‘thrown away’

Suspicious Parisian kunstdiefstal says five masterpieces to have ‘thrown away’

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A co-suspect in the case against a French kunstdief with the nickname ‘Spider-Man’ says five paintings with a combined value of more than 93 million, to have “thrown away”.

The man, Yonathan Birn, is one of the three people on Monday for the court in Paris released on suspicion of involvement in one of the largest art thieves in history, writes The Guardian.

In 2010, five paintings stolen from the Museum of Modern art in Paris: a Picasso, a Matisse, a Modigliani, a Braque, and Fernand Léger. The works are never recovered.

“I got them thrown in the rubbish bin,” said an emotional Birn Monday in the witness stand. “It was the worst mistake of my life.”

‘Too smart’

The claim of Birn is not believed by the judge who is hearing the case. According to the researchers, it is likely that the work France are out. The fellow suspects of Birn believe him not: they testified that he was “too smart” would be to the masterpieces to destroy.

Prime suspect in the case is Vjeran Tomic, that “Spider-Man” is called by French media. He was fourteen times previously been convicted, mainly for thefts. The authorities found in his house, gloves, rope, a klimharnas, climbing shoes, and suction cups.

In command

Tomic has announced that he on 20 may 2010, it broke in the museum to the painting of Fernand Léger and possibly that of Modigliani to steal. Did he say in behalf of the third defendant in the case, the 61-year-old art dealer Jean-Michel Corvez.

When Tomic once inside, he came to the paintings of Picasso, Matisse and Braque and he decided who to take. Corvez, who has also known, enlisted his friend and horlogedealer Birn in to help him with the storage and sale of the stolen work.

Corvez and Birn risking a prison sentence of up to ten years if they are convicted. Tomic because of his criminal record to rely on a penalty to twenty years.

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